July 18, 2011

NOTD + OOTD (date no. 2)

Oh jeez, this update should have been posted about two weeks ago. So not too long ago my friend Emily and I were hanging out and I noticed her nails. She had some really intricate design on them and I thought she went and got them professionally done, but it turns out she just bought those sticker nails by Sally Hansen from wally world and applied them on and they looked damn good! So a while after I found that out, I wanted to try it on my own nails and bought some from Sally's and decided to try them myself. Here's pictures of the progression.

Being my first time wearing anything like this on my nails, they look hella sloppy compared to the picture, but after doing it once, I figured out why it turned out so half-assed. My tip is always apply the curved end of the nail sticker on your cuticle (bottom of your nail) and use nail clippers to trim off the excess sticker. Then file that sucker down. I didn't think about filing them at the time but oh well. I still got so many compliments on them like I went to a salon to get em done :o I'll try them again next time and hopefully do them RIGHT!
Kevin and I went on another fun date as well. We've been on several others, but I've yet to catch up to those (゚ Д °) He took us to the Chocolate Factory, and for those who don't know it is a great restaurant to dine at! Expensive as hell..but so fucking delicious! Here was my outfit.

Dress from Wet Seal
Make up still pretty simple but I wore my new black GEO circle lenses and put on some mascara. My hair looks so thick here :D
Gladiators frommmmmm.....oh God I forget xP
 He loved my outfit that day ^////^

Then the FOOD!
Delicious calamari :9
Alfredo fettucini pasta for me :)
His dish which had some really tasty black beans...and some other Mexican food I can't remember the proper name of.

I swear this boy is trying to fatten me up. I tell him every time we go out to eat -__- But I'm not complaining! XD I hope everyone is doing well. I wish I could just stop going to work/school so I can reconnect with all of you but life requires me to do otherwise unfortunately. Just know that I haven't forgotten anybody. Time to study for my test tomorrow. Wish me luck because I'll need it! Bye!!


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