July 7, 2011


Time to play catch up wooohooo! Okay well this is going to be kinda long if you missed the warning in the title's post but bear with me.

So I bought a lot of new stuffs all at different times throughout the year. I'll start with the most recent to the oldest.
simple white cami & dark denim stud shorts from Ross. Idk why I never shop there, but I'm going to start, they're prices are amazing!

Guess earrings for only $2.49! Originally $16. So fucking happy ^ ^ I actually love Guess but I'm too cheap to afford most of their stuff.

Sephora liquid gold glitter liner. My friend Elise bought this for me :D Definitely good for summer and reminds me of Cocona's make up style.

Somewhat of a random purchase at the hair store. I wanted to make clip ins out of the pink hair extensions just for fun. I bought some super cheap lashes too and a cute top hat for only 99 cents! It's gotten so many compliments when I wear it out I love it!

More shorts. I love showing my legs now! I still have a little flab going on but it's far more comfortable than wearing light denim skinnies. Eff that. It's summer and I live in Texas, YOU GON SEE MY THUNDA THIGHS! XD The first pair is a high waist pair which I wanted to try out and the second one is more of a lounging pair I'd wearing for working out or something. My butt already stretch it out a bit -__- Got these from Delias.

Also from Delias. I loved/wanted the floral top so bad I couldn't help myself. It fits me so perfectly and I can wear it with almost anything! The blue loose shirt can go over a swimsuit or bandeau but so far I've worn it with my swimsuit and white tanks. I love the color!

You might have already seen this cute bubble dress on facebook. I bought it from Frenzi's! I don't think it's a well known store or anything and usually their prices suck :P This dress was $20.
Okay I think this is long enough. I'll make a few more of these soon since I have so much more to show you guys. Till then!


  1. Lovelovelove the bubble dress <3

  2. Give me your legs please! I really love the last dress, you are so cute♥

  3. Wow, I want pink extensions too...I really should get it!

  4. Wow, you are so thin!

    I'd love to have pink clip-in extensions. I think I should buy some~ It'd be nice to have different colored hair like everyday XD

    And I love the shorts you bought! The high-waisted ones particularly because I've been wanting a pair myself.

  5. Thanks ladies :D

    @キャセデイ姫: Yeah originally I wasn't too crazy for them but being on tumblr all the time and seeing pictures of gorgeous outfits sporting them I figured I might as well give it a shot ^ ^


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