August 4, 2011

Singleton no more :)

I am sooooo happy (〜・▽・)〜 Last week, Kevin and I became official and I was so ecstatic! I already had like a bajillion people congratulate me on it. My sister, her bf Chibuzo, Kevin and I all went on a double date at the Stonebriar mall but before I get to that I'll talk about our other date first.

I skipped number 3 since I didn't love that outfit enough to take a picture of it but all I wore was basically a gray and white stripped crop top I talked about in this post, dark denim studded shorts, and my gray fox tail. Nothing super amazing. He and I caught a movie and went to watch videos at his house. We saw Super 8 and I liked it! Then I finally watched Fight Club at his place and I was impressed. I know it's a really old movie but I've never given it a chance.

On our other date, we went to a dim sum which is pretty much a pricier Chinese Buffet where they hold weddings or other special events. Imagine a whole bunch of people with food stacked on top of carts speeding through narrow isles of the room asking if you'd like to have such and such. It reminded me a lot of Spirited Away (great movie, go watch if you haven't already NOW!). I enjoyed the atmosphere but man it was packed! We went on a Sunday so that could explain it.

and some of our food...yes just some of it.
The carts I was talking about

This for some reason was served cold intentionally...not sure why.
He was totally oblivious to me taking this picture ^u^

Then our double date with the sister and her crazy bf, Chibuzo. I had so much fun! I wish I took videos/more pictures of it but there's always another time. We went to the Cheesecake Factory again spontaneously and then watched Friends With Benefits. It was pretty funny!

Vicky/Chibbs pizzas
Kevin's sesame chicken w/brown rice
My chicken noodle Parmesan dish...I found out when I brought it home that there was a really REALLY long brown hair in it -.-

All in all, that was a great day and I'm hoping he and I will last ^o^ Okay so I'm going to try and minimize the mushy lovey dovey stuff on my posts if it's sicken you guys to death after this one. lol just had to express my happiness!



  2. Dude I'm happy for you! I hope I can find a special guy of my own after classes start....*daydreams*

  3. Awww, congrats, bb! :33 You two're both adorable, so I'm sure it's twice as cute when you're together. :3

    And ooohh- dinner looks yummy. <33


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