August 17, 2011

Summer comes to a close + Working on several things

This is just a update post. I've been trying to get a lot of stuff done especially on the days I don't have to go into work. I've been filming a lot lately so I have a few videos to edit and upload on my Youtube. Only thing is, I'm currently working on getting a partnership with Youtube but at this point, I'm not certain how it's all going to go down since almost ALL of my videos violate the eligibility rules to be accepted even though I have more than enough views on my channel and videos -__- If worse comes to worse, I'll just transfer all of my videos onto my new channel and pretty much start fresh so hopefully that will do me some good.

I just thought I'd say hello and thank you to all my new followers! I'm not quite at the 200 mark yet, but hopefully I will be by the end of the year. Btw, I'm working on some great posts here in a few weeks so just keep your eyes peeled ;D

This summer was the most stressful summer I've ever had! I barely anytime to relax because of work and summer school. I swear, NEVER will I do that shit to myself ever again. I've gotten a lot of new stuff in the process of working like a dog at my job but I still hate working there most days. Classes for me start on Monday :( I really don't want to go back omfg. I just wish I could have all my classes at home but I signed up too late for online classes so that was no longer an option.

My 19th birthday is coming up next week on the 25th but I can see it not being a huge deal since everybody's going to be preoccupied doing school stuff, working, or just not caring enough :/ Eh. After 19 years, I'm used to it but it will still always suck.

Lastly I ordered a few stuff from and I believe I should be receiving a lolita dress in the mail soon for free. More info on that when the time comes of course. Does anyone know of a good shopping service to buy affordable gyaru clothes for this a/w season? I have a few great pieces from last year that will still be in style for sure but I feel like I wanna still amp up my wardrobe here and there. I'm open to most brands so I'm not picky.

That's all I got to say for now. Next post will have images and not so much text so your eyes can have a rest. See you guys later!


  1. Happy early birthday Crystal!

  2. love your blog :D
    xoxo emimarie


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