September 2, 2011

Forgotten GETS (long)

Yes I have been so bad on keeping up with the things I've bought and have been meaning to share with you guys that this post was definitely necessary because I got these items way in the beginning of the year. A LOT of these buys were bought impulsively which I am not proud to admit but I learned my lesson...for now anyway till I get a butt load of more money.

They were having sales on winter items like these cute grey boots at the Korean market I live by but I forget the name of the store and I shop there a lot ironically xD

I've worn them once but I won't be wearing them out until sometime in October when this weather changes drastically. But they look cute!

A'GACI: Everything was super inexpensive!

My beloved gladiator sandals. I never thought I would give in to this trend but man I can't stop wearing these suckers now. I forget the name of the store that I purchased these at xP All I remember was that they were playing Tae Yang's Wedding Dress song in his English ver. :o
The HK bag and phone charms all from H-Mart Korean supermarket. Reason I bought the backpack was to do a school girl cosplay but that failed so now I barely ever use it because it has very little space to hold stuff in.

Some sexy tights I'm going to wear again when the weather here gets cold.

Usamini and multi-colored scrunchie most of you guys have probably seen from my Spring Gyaru make up tutorial.
My China Glaze in Refresh-mint nail polish. I love it!

Crap load of clothes bought from Belk Dept. store

Can't WAIT to rock these boots when it gets cool outside this fall/winter
Same with these omg. They're pretty comfy since they're short heels. I hate high heels which is why I never wear my other shoes.
Studs rock on everything! I rarely wear sneakers, but I will be wearing these ones more often 'cause holy crap these were so nice!
I still need like 4 more pairs of good bras, but these ones are pretty nice for my itty bitty chest :J
So I believe that just about covers most of it. I still have other crap but I'm saving them for another post. This weekend is Animefest in Dallas, TX so if you guys wanna come down to meet me, I will be here all day Saturday, Sunday, and for a little bit of the evening tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Take care :D


  1. Wahh so many gets!
    I am loving the studded converse :D

  2. Thank you! I wish they were actual converse but they aren't xP


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