September 14, 2011

☆;:*GEO's XCK-105 (CK-105) Black lenses - Sponsored by Crystal Eyes*:; ☆


I've got a nice post for you guys to read today :D Well if you've already been on my newest channel, then you already have seen my review on them which can be found here. But I'll go ahead and clue those of you who follow this blog in on my latest addition to my circle lens collection (^ ▽ ^ )

Aww yeah son! Bringing back them photoshop skills ~ o (⌒ 0 ⌒) o ~ lawlz! I actually got these lenses back in May this year and they are pretty stinking sweet! Very simple, but sometimes that's not a bad thing and in this case, it certainly isn't.

For those wondering, I got my lashes from Sally's Beauty supply. Pretty simple make up but next time I'll go all out with bottom and top lashes!
My verdict

Comfort:  ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Pretty moderate

Simple and for everyday wear.

Massive dolly eyes :D

The shipping was incredible and so was my customer service! Please check out Crystal Eyes at their facebook page through this link:

Tell them Crystal sent you! Until next time!


  1. I've always wanted black lenses but got a nice green instead. Just might have to buy black lenses next.

  2. ^^ Woah they look really good!


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