September 19, 2011

God I love weave OwO

Honestly. Don't get me wrong because I damn sure can live fine without it but when I have it....*drools* I feel like Superwoman!

Haha okay maybe not Superwoman, but it does give me more opportunities to try out different looks than my own hair does since it's still (IMO) shorter than I'd like for it to be. A few weeks I got another sew-in which is my 2nd one of the year but this time I plan on keeping and maintaining this installation for about 3 months mainly since I paid an arm and a leg for the whole process. Lemme break it down for those who don't know about this technique some women use for extensions....

Hair               +                 Sew-in lady             =          $$$

lol pretty basic knowledge but some people still think weaves are as complicated as Calculus for some reason but I swear it's not difficult at all. I pretty much had my hair braided in cornrows and my hairdresser sewn the tracks of my weave to each braid in a pattern that will look natural for my hair :) See? Not hard to understand at all! The process didn't take long either since she's so experienced at it and I gave her a good tip for being so efficient! I'm more happy that the ends of my real hair is being retained this way too since before they were breaking off for some unknown reason T^T Hopefully by the time I'm ready to take this down they'll be nursed back to health!

So what hair did I get for this sew-in you ask?
 Yes if you are wondering those are the boxes the weave came in and I must say that this is the first time I've had my weave packaged this way. The hair was wrapped a billion+ times too like there was some gold in there ffs it was strange but at least my hair was kept well. Take a look at how long my 18 inch looks like though from just the box alone!

Those are much chubby legs xP
My little sugar muffin' looking scared for his life sitting next to that bag of massive hair awesomeness!
Don't worry. He ended up napping right afterwards like a champ. Sorry for the randomness, I haven't talked about Hachi on here for a while so I thought I'd throw in a quick update ^^ He's already 1 years old now btw!~

They also gave me this leave-in conditioner for the weave and I haven't used it since I still gotta wash my weave later this week but it sure smells good!

That's the only thing I'm worried about though. Washing all this HAIR! It's gorgeous but man is it going to take some work! But I'm willing to make that sacrifice. Here's some pics of how it looks straight and curly. I should have pictures of it when it's naturally curly in a soon to come post about using flexi rods (soft twists) :]
I find having it straight gives me more fly aways but I'm still experimenting with how to control. I think adding a shine serum helps a lot so far!
Sexy fucking curls I mean UNF! I'm going to wear more curls from now on but I just hope it doesn't shorten the life of the weave D:
 I hope this kind of helped you guys gain a better understanding of weave although this wasn't meant to really inform you much on all of the types, techniques, and whatnot. Just to show you my latest hairstyle :D Till next time ladies/gents!


  1. Washing it isn't so hard. You don't always have to shampoo it of course. Omg it would drive me CRAZYYYY.

    Yours looks very pretty how much was your two boxes together?? It is time for a new weave myself. This one gots to go!

    I LOVE having a weave in, I feel sexy even in my sleep ^^

  2. I paid $195 for both packs. My bad, I should've mentioned that in the post & thank you!

    I might try using baking soda because from what I heard that's one of the easiest methods as opposed to actually shampooing the hair. I just hope it comes out right.


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