September 28, 2011

♡Moar stuffs to show you all♡

I will never be done doing this I swear it! Well I went to a few anime conventions, had my 19th birthday party last month, and bought stuff from yesstyle. Most of which you can find watching this video rather than reading this post. I forgot to take pics of certain things too.

I left out so much stuff but here's some more of what I got from my bday and the anime conventions.

Kev's lovely flowers.
BF: MYV ticket for November

BF: Can't wait to put this on my new car!
A gift from Vicky. These honestly looked super tacky at first but now they're one of my favorite earrings right now! I love them :D
Victoria also got me bracelets and a pretty headband :) Lastly are some more junk from Animefest and A-KON.
All four of these bows are shown in the video except for that hair accessory in the middle. It's a funky looking thing but I really wanted to have something it was cheap xd
Also shown in the vid but man I love this thing! First legit deco item I now own! :D
A present I bought for Kevin for his bday ^^ I sprayed my favorite body spray on it and he loves sleeping with  it :D ...and it was cheap...shhhh XD
So that's about it for this GETS. I decided I'm not going to do anymore of these posts for a while...well maybe one more but after that I'll be done because I feel like that's ALL I've been doing when I have much more to discuss on my blog. At least I'm posting right? lol! Thanks for reading!


  1. omg i'm such a newb...I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog!!!! I've been missing out man >.> Well anywayz, I'm glad I found it now. loved your haul!.

    P.S.: I peeped that cute pokemon shirt you got going on with the fringe *_* I'm so gonna steal it XD

  2. lol it's okay Myu ^^ I'm glad you joined the train on my bloggie blog! I actually created that fringe look on that shirt myself. I'll probably post a video about it soon :3



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