September 12, 2011

New beginning - TheLovelyify Youtube channel

Hey guys! Guess what? I finally stopped being lazy and launched my new youtube channel. This one will contain content eligible for becoming a Youtube partner in the future but the content of this channel will be far better than my previous one CrystallyzeD. I'm not sure what to do now though because I feel like I've lost that name in a sense :( But I know it isn't completely gone since I have this blog and tumblr. Eh idk. Everyone should know my REAL name is Crystal so I guess it doesn't really matter too much now does it? Anyway, please be a dear and subscribe to my new channel and spread the word yo!

Also, I've noticed that people feel I've been "lazy" because of the lack of appearance in the gyaru community and I've already addressed this on my facebook but I will say again that I have many posts/videos coming that will stun the hell out of those who are doubting my ability to improve my style. Thank you to those who are still supportive as always. You guys are seriously the best. Until next time~


Thoughts? Opinions? Leave 'em below, I'd love to hear it!