October 3, 2011

☆ °Couple of outfits° ☆

So I been a busy bee running around like a chicken with their head cut off hanging with friends, going to school, work, keeping up with you lovely people *(Q﹏Q)* LAWDCHEESUZ HEHLP MEH!

jk, it's not quite that serious, but it's actually not as bad as I thought it would be however I think I may drop my a course of mine. It's so sad because I found out I could have waited to take it somewhere else but stupid me didn't check with my adviser on time and...well you probably don't care about that you just wanna see my outfits so I'll shut up. Here's a few from the past couple of friend dates I had this past weekend.

Went to the dog park and got my fox tail stolen from a punk ass dog temporarily who's owner barely did SHIT to recover it for me. Bastard even tried messing with my sweet Hachi...lucky I didn't kick him. jk I would never. But what strange day.
 Shirt - A'GACI
Bandeau - La Mariposa
Shorts - Body Central
Ankle boots - A'GACI

Bad editing xP sry! Went out to BJ's with my besties to celebrate their birthdays!
 Dress - True Saints
Leggings - Walmart
Flats - Image
Bracelet - Body Central

This next one I was most proud of my eye make up so I decided to take outfit pics and close up face shots ^^

Met up with two friends at their apartment :)
Dress - Ross
Earrings - Bday gift
Not wearing shoes because I took them off xP but they were black gladiators and were from Forever 21
MAC'S fluid fix liquid foundation
NARS blush in "Exhibit A"
Top lashes - Decolog Who's Series
Bottom lashes - kkcenterhk brand

Kevin, Vicky, and Tam all went to H&M last Sunday
Long shorts - La Mariposa
Shirt/Vest - La Mariposa
Hat - Gift from Dallas Zoo
Bracelet -A'GACI
Necklace - A'GACI

I will try to get better at remember where I bought my stuff from and to also include my shoes in my outfit photos xP lol I try taking them before I leave the house, but I'm also rushed so I never get to. Anyway, thanks for all the new followers lately! Thinking about revamping my layout soon just not sure what I'm gunna do with it yet :/ Anyway, ttyl!


  1. Your make is amazing in the third co-ord! I was very iffy about the decolog lashes but you've made me change my mind. And I would have beat the shit out of the owner of the dog that took your fox tail XD!

  2. I adore the third outfit! Fabulous!

  3. I love the first outfit
    and in the make up shot, you somehow reminded me of Kelly Rowland :D

  4. You should totally try out those lashes Rinny m'dear. They are amazing quality for the price.

    lol Thanks Peach and Sami XD Kelly R. is beautiful! If she were gyaru, homygeh!

  5. Gah--- makeup love!! <33

    And I love that dress from Ross! The pattern's gorj~.

  6. The outfit with the hat is perfect from top to bottom! Hair, make up everything :3


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