November 20, 2011

Fun Filled October ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

I've been contemplating on making a new design for this blog soon but I'm not sure what I should do to it and when I should recreate it but blah all that to me is not high on my priority list right now. We'll see how these next few weeks go. Anywho, this past month has been full of events and very memorable ones at that! This post will be very pic heavy and will include images from my sister's Halloween party.

Let's get onto it shall we?

Firstly, my lovely friend Sally had her 21st birthday party at her house (∩_∩)

bday girl  ♥

I didn't quite take an outfit shot but you will see what I was wearing on my vlog channel eventually. Later on in that week Victoria, my bestie Kresha, and I all had a GNO (10 points for you if you knew what that means from Wonder Girls new album) and went to shop at the North Park mall at H&M. Really quick though, why the hell do people rave about H&M?? It's nothing special ESPECIALLY in price so what's the big deal? Idgi ┐('~`;)┌ And lately, Forever XXI just hasn't been doing it for me either along with Charolette Russe. I NEVER thought I'd say that tbh but yeah that was a small rant I just had to make. Back onto this post! We then went to one of my new favorite food joints Cheddars and ate while my sister and I took lovely pictures *sarcasm*

lol she hates me for this pic but I love it!
My dish :9
Then there was my sister's Halloween party which was oddles of fun! It was stressful getting up there because shredded my tire on the way onto the highway...It's fixed now and I was fine afterward but it really made a dent in my plans.

It was such a mess trying to work around that chaos but the party still happened and was pretty nice to see everyone show up in their costumes! I hated how I was the only person who spent twenty bucks on svedka but no one else would pitch in for the alcohol so I reluctantly volunteered and so now it's stuck at Vicky's place just sitting there since I said no one can have any without my permission. Aren't I so generous? :)

My Halloween look
Lastly was the Texas State Fair carnival! I went with my sugar booger Kevin and it was magical! Well I would go that far but it was definitely a lot of fun! I went on a ferris wheel for the first time in my life and I was pretty scared at first but it ended up not being so bad even though were were high as fuck in the air!
In front of a brightly lit flower tree inside the green house which was so lovely!
Creepy carved pumpkins
I placed my domo on my dress next to my other cute plushies Kevin got for me ^^
We ate deep fried snickers and oreos and I loved both of them but my favorite was the deep fried snickers :D Yummers! I wish I could have some right now actually. We saw a few people staring at us holding hands together but smiling mainly so that was pleasant especially coming from an older Asian man and his family ('∀'●)♡ lol gotta love blasian love! Oh that marks it for this month's past events I haven't caught you guys up on. November seems to be off to a good start with that Miyavi concert so I'm hoping it stays just as happenin! Did i just say happenin? Oh lord. Tttyl!


  1. thank you! I gotta do a review on them soon!

  2. That Bobbi Boss air still looks good! You should do an update video :3

  3. You know what, I think I will actually ^^ Thanks for reminding me!


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