November 23, 2011

Latest Gets + New blog lay ! ! !

Hey guys! You like the new layout? I still feel like it needs to be polished here and there but it's nice and clean compared to my last theme that I made even though a few of you really liked that one. Just trying to switch it up plus I love purple ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

I recently bought a butt load of stuff and this little haul doesn't cover a third of the things I been getting but since I'm such a shitty blogger in terms of updating you all regularly this will have to do for the time being :)

I went to a few places and one of them was sephora and the MAC store. I really wanted to find a orangey blush since I've been wanting one ever since it hit the gal scene a while back but I ended up buying a more scarlety red looking color from NARS called Exhibit A (again, that brand is amazing for darker skin tones!)

I actually wore this blush on my older post you can find here.

(look at girl to the right) Kind of color I was originally looking for. Any suggestions?
Then from MAC, I wanted a really pretty nude lip color which they found for me but they didn't have Velvet Teddy in stock so I just settled with their lipglass 'Lust' which is pretty on it's own but I still wish I got that lipstick.

It's a thick consistency which isn't good for smooching tbh but that's with any lipgloss which is why I rarely wear them because I hate feeling like I have Elmer's glue smeared all over my lips or something XD

I also got my STAPLE foundation from MAC which was the Studio Fix Fluid in NC50 and I love it to bits.

Was $26 I think
It has excellent covered and I have dark spots all over my face so this is just what I need. Definitely going to buy more when I can! Just wish that it came with a pump of some kind but it doesn't :< Oh well, it's still the best foundation I've ever used in my life so I'll overlook that.

Again I got some concealer because the NYX stick concealer I was using prior to this one was not doing it for me.

It's definitely a must that I blend this foundation into my skin very well since it's more noticeably lighter than my skin compared to my previous concealers but it works beautifully when applied.

At KJ Beauty Supply = $8
Saw a review of this finishing powder on Youtube by a make up guru who does amazing make up tutorials and is about my skin complexion. It does matify my skin pretty well but I find using just about enough is crucial because over doing it does have a slight ghostly appearance which sucks after you did all that work :( Otherwise, I think the money I paid for it was well worth it!

This was actually from my birthday XD omg I'm horrible! But my sister bought me these tights which I completely forgot about and I love them! They're pretty warm too!

Other stuff I bought was skincare items that I will probably save for a review (if I ever get to that) and hair products. But I would like to rave about my latest body butter purchase at The Body Shop!

Got it on sale for $12
It makes my skin so smooth and supple and this smell is heavenly! Not too strong or concentrated with fragrance but very light and flowery which makes it easy to layer it with your perfumes (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 And I love their products because they have legit ingredients to help the overall health of your skin unlike Bath & Body Works. I still like their stuff though, I'm not gunna lie lol!

Lastly, guess who got their ears pierced FINALLY?

Meeeee :D
I got it done at The Living Canvas Tattoo parlor in my area and the lady who did it for me was so nice and hot! Friend said she looked like a stud but idgaf she was so cute! Getting more next year for sure but NEVER will I do my face or get gauges. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Anyway bye for now!

Oh and have a Happy Thanksgiving! lol almost forgot that's tomorrow.

P.S. - If you missed my last post, you can see it here. I accidentally scheduled it at midnight instead of noon so I think a lot of people missed it. Whoops!


  1. Me too I'm in love with orange blushes. Actually, there's a colour from Nars that's quite popular beyond black girls and it actually suits darker skin: Taj Mahal ! How come no one in the shop told you about this one if you were searching for an orange blush haha damn those employees ! Also, there's also the Aruba blush from sleep makeup ! It's a lot cheaper but everyone love it so much that I heard there's only a few left. You can command on their website or on ebay ( if there is any left ) I hope that I helped you :)

  2. Anon: Omg I was just was informed about those two blushes! You mean Aruba from Sleek? I saw both on ebay so I'm thinking I'm going to end up buying one of the other. Thanks for the recommendations :D

  3. I've been looking for a nice orange and a coral/warm pink blush. I just feel like they fit my complexion better :3 And yup, you're piercings are cute! Hopefully I'll do mine before the school year ends :3

  4. Bwahhhh! Your piercings! :D <333 Welcome to the club. 8) (Actually... I don't have anymore piercings-- I let my lobes close up...)

    Anyway, wow-- you went MAC-crazy, eh? I've never tried their stuff: I stick to NARS and Benefit. (And you're right: NARS is wonderful for darker skin tones: I actually swear by their concealer.) i AM looking for a new foundation, though, and I may just have to look at the stuff from MAC since you recommend it so highly. :]

    P.S. Dem tights. Fffff- so pretty. <3

  5. Orange looks great on darker skin tones Ivie ^^ I can't wait to try the one from Nars :D

    @Nioxin: Thank you! lol they are sore and I'm not sure what to clean them with but I'm just hoping not to get any kind of infection. I did go MAC crazy and I won't be again for a while. Shit's expensive. I heard Benefit's good too for dark skin tones. I wanna try their blush so bad! I think you'll like their concealer ^^ Has amazing covered.

  6. We have the same piercings now!('-~*)/ Twins<3

  7. @Rina: Yayy we're twinkies :S


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