December 22, 2011

☆*:.。.2012 Dallas, Texas Gal Meet. 。.:*☆


Hi guys! Guess who's coordinating Dallas' first gal meet in the new year? THIS CHICK!
I've been wanting to attend meets for the longest time but the closest ones were all the way in Houston and I had NO experience driving down those highways at the time they were going on so I laid off the idea till now. Lately, I've been coming across several people in the area who shockingly LOVE gyaru fashion and thought why not bring them altogether and have a straight up good time rather than keeping it on the internet? Not saying that that's always a bad thing, but being more interactive in person creates stronger bonds and memories to hold onto for much longer imo.

In all honesty I am pretty ecstatic about this since I know that I will finally be able to be surrounded by people who I can relate with in terms of my style of choice and I know everyone else who's going feels the same. Putting effort into my eye make up for example will finally be at least acknowledged as gal instead of basic glamorous eye make up. Plus, the places we can go to are fairly vast. I'm tempted to do so many things within our first meet up but I know that's going to be such a hassle so I'll have to leave out some ideas for next time, and there will be a next time! 

Look at how awesome this mall looks that we'll be meeting up at...

The Galleria Mall
I've always loved this mall for it's shops, lighting, and overall scenery and so far I haven't heard anyone make any complaints about it. I hate driving through all the stupid traffic, but it's well worth it to me! I hope you all who follow my blog can come if you have no other plans or are in the area. Feel more than welcome to bring a friend and I suggest saving up so you can have money to buy food and other things that we will be doing like karaoke and purikura. I know I will be. I'm going to finish editing my video so I hope you guys check this out and help spread the word! If you want, you can use the event's banner to spread the news around your blogs or facebook :)

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  1. yay i love the galleria! It's kind of far for me, but I'm going to use my charm to persuade one of my parents to take me. And I invited my friend. Can't wait ^^


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