December 29, 2011

Chamomile tea is yummyyyy :D

Random title for a post, but it's true. On Christmas Eve, Tam, Vicky and I all went to the Grapevine mall to hang out and do some last minute gift shopping *thankfully for me* and since I was sick (still am) I wanted to go to the Corner Bakery for once. I've always wanted to know how it was like since I know people who've compared it to places like Starbucks. I ended up paying over $10 for my whole meal which was not intended but whatever...I was just so desperately needing something warm to soothe my irritated ass fucking throat! So I got a soup that the cashier recommended and chamomile tea...

I thought it was cool how they packaged the herbs in that little bag and the tea really opened up my nasal cavities and my sandwich was yummy too! Only thing is that nasty soup was simply not doing it for me at all. I liked it when I first took a spoon full, but then it just started to taste like overpriced ketchup with basil sprinkle in it. Eww! Tomato soup is not for me.

I had to cam whore a bit cuz I was loving my eye make OOTD for this post since it was nothing special.


Top lashes - two pairs: one from Sally's beauty supply and the other from Korean department store
Bottom lashes - ebay
MAC studio fix fluid foundation
Everything else, I fail to remember xP
Need to get my brows done soon xP
The Monday before that however was my friend's Christmas party and she was so kind enough to give us so many gifts! I can't wait to try out this one...

Just waiting to move so I can have my own bath tub so I can use it next summer. There was way more like a huge chocolate bar, lolipop, and some other knickknacks. She really went all out! I hope she liked the gifts I gave her. I had to take a pic of my friends shoes at the celebration because they were ridiculous. I was green with envy...
Hmm...I'm considering doing a New Years gyaru tutorial because best believe I'm rocking in the new year with gal make up no matter where the hell I decided to be at or who I will be with. Hmm...I think I may, just gotta make sure to get it out on time xP Later!~


  1. $10 for soup & tea? 0_o Those boots look amazing, both of them. Sounds like you had a great time with your friends. ^__^

  2. Yeah that's what I said...but I got it anyway -__-

    I wish they were mine T^T I did though. They're so cray cray~

  3. Crystal having all the fun X3, I'm jelly. Tomato soup is always best home made, but tomatoes are really sweet when they're cooked and getting them to be less sweet is really hard.

  4. Aww I had no idea :< I never tried homemade tomato soup so I might change my mind about it later.


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