December 9, 2011

Dallas Arboretum & OOTD ✿ ❀

Sup y'all? I realize it's December and I'm just now making posts :d There's so much I have in my files that I want to show you but they will have to wait after these next few I get out of the way.

A few weeks ago, Kevin took me to the Dallas Arboretum (Garden) and it was so exquisite! I've never seen anything like it in my life! It looked like we were put into the set of Alice in Wonderland :o I wish the weather was sunnier but we're most likely going again next year in the spring time when the flowers are all in full bloom and for my mother's birthday in March.

Vest - Body shop
Grey shirt dress - Idr xP
Belt - La Mariposa
Necklace - Idk xP lol I suck
Tights - bday gift
Boots - Wet seal

ignore my face please x(
Princess and the frog :D
Doesn't this look like it's straight off of tumblr or something? I loved it!

Phew...that's all I got to take and I'm so glad we got as many pictures we did. Tbh, the first few pics of me looked so awkward being it was chilly and I felt a little awkward taking pics with people looking at me > < but here you can see I loosened up a bit.

We had fun and we saw so many brides there that day getting married it was so inspirational :) Kevin's such an amazing boyfriend, I swear I'm so lucky to have him in my life. He's made me so happy ever since we've been together this summer up to this point. I have zero complaints about him ^ ^ I hope we have more days like these to make amazing memories.

Oh look at this yummy sushi we had at chaucers the other day before I go!

Delicious, yes? See you soon...I hope!


  1. As soon as I saw the tumblr picture I went, "ehmahgawd that's beautiful"! Ugh, Imagine getting married and walking down there, Ugh! Scene straight out of a movie! You look great (I see that hair has been holding up pretty nicely.) and it's nice to see you and your significant other out and about :3

  2. lol I know right?! It was so nice in person I wish it the trees were light and it was darker outside, it would have been amazing! I just wish I didn't make those funny faces I made in the first few pics but thanks!


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