December 10, 2011 EOS Adult Pink circle lens review ヽ(^。^)丿

Gosh I've been so backed up with these reviews because of school but now that I'm done with it for the time being till January so I have a whole month to spend with you guys :D

If you haven't seen my recent review on my Adult pink EOS circle lenses I got from dbeautyshop earlier, WHY HAVEN'T YOU?!! jk. But it's been on my NEW CHANNEL for quite sometime which you can view through here. But I'll do a review of it on my blog as well.

Before anyone states the obvious, yes my lashes in the last pic was poorly applied. Still learning, get off my back.

Now that that's been said, let's move onto the review!

The staff at dbeautyshop kindly gave me these lenses to do a review on and I will be frank. The vibrancy of them were out of this world! They are so bold and I have dark brown eyes mind you so imagining them on lighter eye colors must be super intense! You'll have no issues using them for cosplay whatsoever! I will say the best way to make the color look more subtle is using dark eye make up


These lenses are only 14.0mm in diameter but still give me slightly larger eyes because of the dark rim. But if you're looking for larger pink lenses, I wouldn't highly recommend these. They're more for the color and design as oppose to enlargement.


The design is quite simple and and solid...if that makes sense. There's not a lot of transparent holes which is why they look so bold in color and stand out so well.


Lastly, I felt pretty comfortable wearing these lenses but like any other lens, I still needed to apply eye drops to my eyes every so often to make sure the dryness didn't irritate my eyes. 


Here's a little tip for those who need it. When your eyes are dry, for example sleeping in them, I believe you're more prone to infection but don't take my word on that. That's why it's very important to have eye drops handy. I use the gel drops by systane. It's expensive, but is still well worth it.

That's it for this review! Thanks for taking the time to read it. Like I mentioned earlier, you can view the video by clicking on the link at the top of this post. Take care guys! Hope you're having a great break so far!



  1. If if helps, I'm always behind on reviews. lol
    Anyway, the contacts really suit you. Very pretty! I wish my eyes would cooperate for contacts. I would wear them more often for cosplay.

  2. They remind me of the Nudy Eye. I need pink lenses ><

    Ive been waiting so long so I can finish a new video haha, and looking everywhere for pictured reviews darn you *shakes fist*

    Is it blurry near the eye hole. Like is the pupil hole a bit too small giving that blurred effect?

  4. @Miko S. lol yeah it sucks but this break I'm so going to change that for sure! Thank you!

    @Naija: Pink lenses actually would not look bad for your skin complexion at all! Especially if you're rocking some gal eye make up omg it's DUH SEXAYYYY!

    @Glee: Did you? Sweet! Can't wait to see that review! And no. I actually am wearing my hard contact lenses on top of the circle lenses which is probably why you can't see properly what the pupil of the lens looks like.

  5. I was considering buying those CL .... but now you conviced me ! It looks so pretty on you ~ it give you a barbie-esque look ^^

    By the way, I taggued you on this post ~>


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