December 12, 2011

A few OOTDs *(*´∀`*)☆

Just going to throw all of the outfits I've been wearing recently that I haven't updated you guys on since early November which will explain the shorts in the first picture. I'm going to try to take more close up pics of my outfits since my camera quality is so mediocre being that it is only a point and shoot so bear with me while I continue to work with that m(_ _)m

It was fairly warm that day.
Wearing my white military sweater which you can't see too well I got from Belk.
My tribal print top was from Papaya I if I am not mistaken.
Shorts: Delias
Ankle boots: A'GACI

Got more chilly ^^
Here I'm wearing my jacket from Ross If I'm not mistaken
Tank top: Forever XXI
Belt: La Mariposa
Jeans: DEB
Ankle boots: A'GACI
Out at a coffee shop with Kevin
Gloves: A'GACI
Necklace: Forever XXI
Shirt: Papaya
Coat: Wet Seal

I wish I could tel you guys exactly what I wore this night, but idr since I'm a slow updater xP

This glorious red jacket has gotten a plethora of compliments I mean holy crap but it's no surprise. I'll do another OOTD with it so you can see it better. I love it so much and it was only $22!
Jacket: Ross
Eyeshadow: Ebay palette
Blush: NARS Exhibit A
Eyeliner: N degree 7 liquid eyeliner

That's it for now so I am officially caught up. Phew! Oh before I go, did you guys notice the new blog design? I know, I just changed it but I wanted to change it again after my day of straight up fucking around with photoshop. It lead me to learn a lot of neat stuff so I'm happy I finally go around to using it the way I've been wanting to so I'm going to continue to keep practicing to get better over time. Again, I apologize about the quality, I'm trying to save up for a new DSLR but I'm still so new to those things I have some research to do before actually purchasing one. 

Have you guys seen this ultra sexy MV by HyunSeung and Hyuna? I'm sure most of you have. Talk about hot! God damn! Typically I miss out on new released music vids bc I'm never up-to-date with the latest in the kpop world but man, I needed to calm my ovaries afterwards.

Aside from that, I hope you all have been good and are keeping yourselves nice and warm! Till next time!


  1. Well, you have Jaz and I to keep you up to speed (especially Jaz). Always stylin', chica!

  2. Thank you :) I still need to accessorize more though. Hoping for a bunch of xmas presents this year so that'll help me out.

  3. I was looking at you December? But then I remembered that you live in Texas and it's far warmer down there than the freezing cold winds up here. Lucky you! And yes, that red jacket is so cute! I love how vibrant it is!

  4. You have awesome style. I cant wait to build my closet, but winter takes me down allot -.-

  5. Naija: lol yeah this cold weather is up and down but come next month, I'm going to probably freeze my nips off!

    Glee: I build my closet more during this season for some reason lol I guess I enjoy being able to layer more than anything else.


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