December 16, 2011

☆Friend turns 2NE1 + OOTD/FOTD (pic heavy)★

Whad up? This has been a REALLY good week for me on keeping up with posts you guys. *gives own self a high five* I plan on keeping it up but knowing me, this happy streak may come to an end v__v Let's not think about that though and focus on the now shall we?

By the meaning of the title, I am referring to my friend Odely who turned 21 years old this week...not turned into the group 2NE1 but would that be awesome! Still envious of Ivie for seeing them in NY and being on tv for it xP Haha♥

Here was my make up pic of the beginning of the find out why I say the beginning later in the post.

For this look, I was wearing my Decolog Who's series top lashes paired with my recently purchased ebay lower lashes. & I wore my MAC studio fix fluid foundation in NC50, N degree 7's black liquid eyeliner and some goldish brown eyeshadow on my lids with my NARS blush in Desire. I've been wearing Exhibit A too much I feel like so I had to switch it up but you can't really tell judging from the picture.

The ebay lashes I purchased
I need to invest in the Diamond Princess lower lashes because those look straight up BOSS on gals like Lisha. Planning on getting those really soon.

& here's le outfit...

Top: Ross
Jeans: Image
Ankle Boots: Belk
Flower hair piece: KJ Beauty Supply

I really love the design on the pockets of my jeans so I had to take an ass shot(^v^)They were only $10 at Image!

Onto the birthday get together, we meet up in H-Mart and took some pics of all their cute stuff in the tiny gift shop untill one of the workers asked me to not take pics in there. I call bs on that because I'm sure if my friend was working that day, she wouldn't have minded at all but what can you do?

Bday girl :)

Everything they sell there always appeals to my sweet girly side so I try not to go there when I know I have money to spend but look at those HK plushies!

We then went to get food at this Chinese restaurant nearby and there we decided to take some more pictures.

When we stepped in this restaurant, I honestly did not think it was going to look THAT nice inside but it was very gorgeous in person. We all looked a bit out of place, but it didn't matter since we were there so late in the night so no customers were there to judge us with their evil stares. Lastly, I took a shot of my goof ball friend Suzy in her awesomely put together outfit although I'm not sure if this pose properly shows it well

Haha okay she'd shoot me if she knew I posted this up on here but if she wants me to take it down, I'd be more than happy to. I still love every bit of this photo though lol! All of the girls were so much fun to hang with that night, I know there will be more nights like these with them this winter break :)

Okay so when I mentioned earlier about how my make up changed, my freaking bottom eyelash didn't even last long enough to get me to H-mart but I blame it on my poor application so I had to take them off. I pretty much camwhored when I got home for the sake of camwhoring...

Edited differently so my face doesn't look super washed out.

& that's it muffins! I hope you enjoyed this pic heavy post. Jeez, I really went photo crazy on this one. I give thanks to Odely for volunteering to take some of the pics at the restaurant lol


Please be aware that my url has finally changed from to the hence the pic logo I made. I've abandoned that silly name completely except for my vlog channel on youtube but I'm glad I'm known for being just Crystal or even Ify now. I hope many people catch on to this after I update my profiles too. Okay, go along now!


  1. I really need to get a Nars blush. And love the eyelashes. i think if you clean them of the glue after they can last over 20 times of wearing them.

    Also love your watermark. im way too lazy to make a good one. One day >C <3

  2. Nars is excellent! I have zero complaints. You can use a light hand if you want a small tinted flush, or a regular swipe for a slightly heavier bolder cheek. I love it :D

    Thank you! It took me a few tutorials to make it, but I got it!

  3. oh I adore your eye meiku!~~ :D It looked really beautiful!

  4. I love the change to thelovelyify and those pictures came out great! Tumblr worthy, seriously! Did you take them yourself because they're amazing. Ugh, and I wished the lower lashes had stayed because your make up was looking really nice!

  5. Thank you ナニベリー ♥ :]

    Naija B: Thank you! Took a few but my friend also took some while we were in the restaurant. I wish they stayed too! You have no idea how upset I was over that but practice will eventually make perfect.

  6. Those cellphone charms look so cute! I need to go to that shop. And I loooooooove the lashes they look so nice on you.


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