December 21, 2011

Gaylord Trip part 2 (pic heavy)~

Continuing my last post, here is part 2 that I promised. Okay so after we left Southlake, I took Kevin to the Gaylord Texan which is a huge extravagant resort I am so lucky to live by. During all this btw, he had no idea where I was taking him the entire time since this was my earlier Christmas present to him so when we pulled up tot heir beautiful gates, he was acting like a 5 year old who just won themselves a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Although I was nervous about how he would react, once I saw that I then knew my mission had been accomplished :D

We went inside and took our time to find our destination because the who place was immaculate and decorated with outstanding Christmas lights and other designs!

After looking around, we finally entered in the exhibit's waiting room where they went over general do's and don'ts and how the idea of Ice originated in China *surprise surprise* at their annual ice festival which I thought was so exquisite compared to what we actually went to lol but despite that the ice figures were still so cool! But I mean, you can't compare Chinese architectural castles literally made out of ice to fictional characters on some animated film which is why that will be one of the things me and Kevin plan to see at some point in our lifetime together ^ ^ Can't wait for that whenever it'll be. Here are some can find more on my facebook though.

We went down this slide thingy towards the end. I wish it were a bit higher and longer but it was still fun~!

This was the best way I've ever spent a Christmas with someone I've been in a relationship with. Actually, it's the only Christmas I've ever had while being in a relationship and I'm so thankful for spending it with my baby <3 I'm so glad he loved it!

Idk why, but to me we look like a married couple here >////<

Lastly, we went out to eat some Steak n Shake afterward and I got the egg nog milkshake which was yummilicous :D

It wasn't cheap, but this whole day was well worth it! That concludes this super long entry of this trip. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Yeah, you guys totally looked like a married couple. But the trip look like so much fun. Even if it was expensive, memories like these are definitely worth every dime

  2. oh wow! That Shrek ice looks so cool!

    Thanks for inviting me to the meet up! I'll definitely come and bring my friend^^

  3. Naija B: lol awww yea it definitely was! I wanna do it again next year with all my friends and family!

    ajkpoplover: Awesome! I'll make a post on here soon about all of the details and a facebook event page. I'm excited now!


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