December 13, 2011

Naija Barbie's First Giveaway! :3

My girl Ivie's doing her first giveaway on her blog in case you guys didn't know :] Please show her support by entering it. The things she will be giving away include the following:

☆*:.。. o☆*:.。. o☆*:.。. o☆*:.。. o☆*:.。. o☆*:.。. o

  • A pair of free circle lenses of their choice From Pinky Paradise 
  • 1 pair of either Diamond Lash or Dolly Wink eyelashes of your choice
  • A customized Liz Lisa style/influenced skirt(a, b, c, d or e
  • A set of mini BB Cream.
How to enter:
  • You must be subscribed to this blog using Google Friend Connect
  • You must follow me on Tumblr
  • You must follow me on Twitter
  • You must be subscribed to me on YouTube
The deadline will be on January 12, 2012 so you have about a month pretty much to enter. Personally, I feel like she's giving away a hell of a lot of amazing stuff to NOT enter. Plus, her she has a lovely blog to follow, I mean I gotta support my naija sister xD Haha so if any of you decide to participate, good luck!

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