December 14, 2011

Olive Garden + Window Shopping @ FXXI & OOTD

Hey guys! This is random and doesn't have to do much with this post, but lately I've been coming across a lot of new black gals' blogs these past two days and I'm so excited it makes me want to blog more frequently :D So hello ladies if your reading this blog! Don't be shy to step out and show yourself to the community (at least the friendly part that is...). Also, I finally have my GFC widget back up after trying to figure out where the hell to get it back from so it's easier for people to follow me now. Sorry about that...

(シ_ _)シ

I was having just about the worst week you could possibly think of. I got the wires changed out of my braces to thicker ones so everything feels tighter. Then I was having the worst cramps I've experienced in months, AND although I'm not positive but I think one of my piercings got infected so it was swollen, sore, and smelled a bit. Oh and I left out how I wanted to ace at least one of my two courses I took this semester, but failed to do that for either so I suck at life right now. At least I passed, but still...grrr I WANT MY A! But it's all good because my boyfriend came to the rescue on Sunday after telling him my sob story lol he wanted to buy me ice cream to keep at home to help ease the soreness since he's had braces himself a little over a year ago. & he thought it'd be nice to take me out to Olive Garden so we could try their soups and other soft dishes and then maybe go shopping for the present he wanted to buy for my sister at the Galleria mall so I thought why not?

In Kev's truck while he pumps gas before we leave
This soup was perfection! If you have braces, this will hit the spot! So good and so gentle on your teeth. I forget the name of it but it starts with a G and has dumplings in it. So good!
I also had the Seafood Alfredo. I always get it when I go to OG ^ ^
 We had their Italian cream soda too which was like heaven in a glass cup. And look at the pretty pastel pink color it is for crying out loud!

Then we went to the Galleria mall to find Victoria's gift so of course we hit up Forever XXI and I took as many pics of the things they had there as I possibly could that I found appealing.

All the spiky jewelry was making me drool! I love edgy pieces like those so much now. Then I found this cute winter hat and I had to take pics of me wearing it.

Here's a full length body mirror pic I took of my whole outfit.

Jacket: Ross
Pancho: Ross
Jeans: Forever XXI
Combat boots: Ross

Haha I was a Ross girl that day. But aside from that, we just went back to watch a movie at his house and the day ended. It was a fun day as expected. Next time I go to the galleria, I'm shopping my ass off! I want to take some purikura with him pretty soon but I'm not sure if I should wait till Valentines day to do that or not or at least our 6 month anniversary in January. Anyway, I should probably go to work now. Toodles!~


  1. Cute outfit ! And the food looks amazing ! XD

  2. I love your outfit! And that sweater is mega cute!

  3. God I love Forever 21 and the same for edgy jewelery

    And with olive garden the pasta sauce dont taste right to me but their soups are awesome along with their wines. I only go for soups and salads. I have to get that cream soda now, never knew it exited.

  4. Thanks ladies :]

    Glee: Yeah forever 21 always pleases me with their jewelry minus the super cheap $1.50 ones that tarnish after a few wears xP I guess that's why they sell them so cheap.


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