December 20, 2011

Trip to Southlake & The Gaylord Texan part 1~

As promised, here's part 1 of my fun day last Sunday with Kevin. I decided to treat him to the ICE Exhibit they have every year and this years theme was Dreamworks Shrek the Halls but before I dive into that, I'll show you guys what we did before we went there.

There's a really nice strip mall in Southlake I love going to occasionally which I know he's never gone to before so I took him there to shop and walk around. The place looked beautiful with it's Christmas decorations and overall scenery.

The place really came alive when the sun finally went down. Then, we went into Rock fish to eat some food which isn't my personal favorite seafood place but it was better than going else where.

 Took some pics in their bathroom...

Earrings from KJ Beauty Supply
Before we left to the Gaylord, we went into this neat store that had amazing smelling candles, clothes, and other neat stuff which was where I took my outfit pic...

Jacket: Wet Seal
Top: La Mariposa
Jeans: Wet Seal
Boots: JC Pennys

I loved that overhead piece placed over the bed :D & those soaps smelled wonderful! Next time I go there, I'm shopping for my mom's birthday gift most definitely. I'll continue this post in the 2nd part of this trip. I gotta go take Hachi to his graduation ceremony lol see you all soon!


  1. I've never been to Southlake either. This makes me really want to go~ I'll definitely try to find that store with the soaps and candles; my mom would love it there.

    You and Kev look so cute! and I love your jacket, so adorable.

  2. Y'all are too cute together! *faints* :)

  3. Ajkpoplover: Oh it is so much fun you'll love it! Thank you :)

    Thanks Lilian! We took more too...they're in my next post of this trip.

  4. You guys know how to make me feel forever alone >< LOl! The scenery is so beautiful! And your earrings/entire outfits was really nice. Ah, you guys are so cute ><


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