December 28, 2011

Xmas presents ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

My Christmas was pretty decent this year. I spent it with the family, Kevin, Tam and Derric. Love them all for coming to make it all that much better. I went to bed on Christmas eve at like 4am because I was up making deviled eggs and curling my hair which didn't come out exactly the way I wanted :(

I gotta find a better way to do curls besides using a curling or flat iron on my extensions. As for presents, I definitely can't see myself posting every single thing up on my blog since there was so many and still more coming in late from a few friends, but I'll definitely do the ones that deserve to make the cut so expect this to be a bit lengthy and pic heavy.

So I'll start off with the presents I gave to myself this year n . n

Tokidoki Calender from gocalenders :D So tired of the boring ones my mom always gets for us.
Got these neat little organizer holders from The Container Store for cheap! I'm so happy now because my bathroom looks way cuter and less cluttered now :D

Now these were all gifts from friends and family...
Kevin - I needed this so bad! I hate editing videos/photos with the touch pad because my fingers get tired after a while. So glad he took my hint :D
Derric - this stuff smells amazing! I can't even...I just can't!
Chibuzo - lol I knew this kid would buy me some boots like these but I wasn't posiitive XD I wear them everywhere I go now haha!
Neat Mele&Co jewelry organizer from my mommy ^^ I love her for this since I was desperately need one. Just look at how nicely it fits on my drawer! So cute!
Kevin - to add on to the organizers for my jewlery, Kev got me this cute stand which I've been wanting for a while now and surprisingly never gave him any hints about this one lol strange how he knew but I love how it looks! 
I got this mameshiba plushie from Kevin's sister Cindy :D She's so sweet, I had no idea how she knew I loved this character. Again, a great decorative piece on my drawer!
Kevin - He knew Hello Kitty was the way to go haha! I haven't worn a watch in YEARS, but this one looks so cute, I'm going to start wearing this more now once spring starts :]

This is the most awesome present as far as it's multiple features go...
Mommy - This was such an unexpected gift, I had no words when I saw what it was. I was NOT expecting this at all, but my God, it's been my most played with gift so far I mean this thing has so many cool things to do on it. Funny thing is, I never understood why people wanted an Ipad so bad when it was first released but now I totally get it. It won't replace my laptop, but it will replace my time spent with my friends for a while XD I love it so much! Been playing angry birds, adding cool apps, and taking several pics with it ever since I got it.

The next few pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 

Christmas tree all decked out
Plushie keychain - Mom
Cupcake Hello Kitty keychain - Kimberly
Mommy - Be Enchanted fragrance  

That's all I'm going to show for this post. I might actually show more presents in another post but for sake of not making this longer, I'll stop it here because I just realized I left out a few other good gifts haha! But I really do hope every single one of you had a good Christmas with your loved ones this year. New Years is coming up, not sure what my resolutions will be but when I give it more thought I'll share with you all. Till next time :)


  1. Good choice of calendar. I had a TokiDoki calendar last year, I believe. So eye catching. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas and received so many awesome gifties! Catch ya later~

  2. You got some great presents! ^__^

  3. I love that stuff, I'm so glad the lady helped my mom pick out the right fragrance.

    Miko S. - I never buy my own calender so I'm glad I did this time around because that one was so cute I couldn't resist.

  4. Oh my, I'm definitely loving the make up bag and accessories!!!!

    You really received some nice gifts! I love the Hello Kitty mouse too, awesome!!!

    We always have deviled eggs... but not this year! My Aunt makes them but we had Christmas at home this time. I need to learn how to make them myself. I love sprinkling paprika all over them, yummy!

    I hope you enjoy your new year :)


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