January 25, 2012

Birthday party OOTD + Vote for your GGA Nominees!

Hello guys! First week of school is over and it seems to be like a breeze even in my English 1302 course :o Shocking. I even found out why my GPA was lower than it should have been and luckily the lady in the advising office fixed it for me so now it's back up where I want it to be ^ ^ Last weekend, I went to my friends 22nd birthday party and enjoyed myself while we were there even though were felt like awkward turtles during some moments. Some guy came over to us with two of his friends who had all this energy and it was a little unexpected...a bit scary too but I thought they were still fun loving people nonetheless :D Here's what I wore...

Top - JCPenny's
Jeans - Image
Boots - gift
Earrings - Boutique
I wanna talk about that top really quick. It was actually given to me by my mom a few weeks ago (you can find it on this post here) and when I first saw it I wasn't really certain on how I felt about it. It fits loosely around my torso and the material is like a satiny type of fabric so it's very thin and translucent. It has a sexy feel to it too because of the color but what really drew my attention was the aligned strings placed along my ribs. I wonder if that was done intentionally to somehow emulate them somehow but I thought it was kind of neat and now I actually really like this top (^~^) Here's my make up.

Curse the positioning of my upper lashes ;d
I hate how every I take a pic of my make up, my blush looks less pigmented DX grrrr....gotta figure out why it keeps doing that. Here are some more pictures from the party I took with my friends :)
Her tights look so cute!

Fun times, I will say! I hope everyone's weekend went well and your week started off okay :) Oh and it's Chinese New Year! lol to whoever celebrates it, have a good one! I never paid it much attention but it seems like I will be doing something later on these next few weeks with Kevin and his family. I'm sure it'll be fun~

Lastly, y'all probably already know about the GGA Nominations being up but I just want to help spread the word on my blog too so that you guys can cast your nominees. Don't be bummed about who's in this years awards if you never even cast your votes ┐('~`;)┌ just saying.

Go here to read Lhourii's post about how to enter in your nominee's :) This is just a great way to keep up the positive spirits among our community so I am in full support of this continuing on for another year :D I wish everyone good luck! And on that note, I'm off to play more games on my Wii...lol I've been neglecting that thing for months but this weather for some reason has me wanting to play on it again. Bye!


  1. cute outfits


  2. CRYSTALL! i found your blog <3 !
    btw i hope you win for gga awards =]
    you're such a great gal. i hope that maybe oneday when i improve more on my style to be nominated too xD
    but idk, i think i'm failing so far so i think i wanna quit.
    i improved soo much when i first started, i can say that xD

  3. June omg I feel honored after hearing that from you >3< How sweet! Thank you so much, that means a lot! Your style is very deserving of being nominated this year for sure, please don't quit D: If you have a blog, lemme know so I can follow you! :) 


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