January 21, 2012

Boyfriend tag, new YT layout & some gets~

Hello my lovely readers! I'm happy say that I finally got my boyfriend to make this tag video with me last week and it's now uploaded for you all to watch :) Please do check it out if you haven't already & give it a thumbs up if you wanna see more videos of us together in the near future ^ ^


I also changed up the layout on my channel TheLovelyIfy a tad. I really am hoping to put out a make up tutorial soon but there are a few things I want to wait for before I do that. If I still find myself postponing it for another week, then I'll just do one regardless. I hate depending on other people for things when it comes to my videos lol but whatevah. Take a look and please subscribe if you haven't already!

Click here to go on my channel :) 
Apart from my Youtube thang, I forgot to mention how I had a little extra cash and bought contouring powder as well as an NYX glitter palette from the hair and beauty supply store I live by since I finally used up my stamp card and got $15 worth of store credit!

I only use this powder dry even though it says you can applying it with a damp sponge when I contour my cheekbones and nose which I've gotten a lot better at! I look completely different but it still looks decent in my opinion :) I'm halfway tempted to do a tutorial on contouring...lemme know what you guys think. It's only barely a shade darker than me so it's very easy to keep the shades looking natural and not too deep I don't really need to buff it out as much as I anticipated. Now if only I can get my hands on a good highlight color then I'll be set, but for now I'll just keep using the eyeshadows I already have. I also got the NYX glitter gel palette I mentioned...

Already dabbled in this one a bit before I took this picture ^ ^

Lovely colors, aren't they? I really like the pow effect it gives to your lids. Definitely for the more dramatic make up looks when going to events. One thing I think it a little funky about it though is that the top layer seems to have loose glitter and the bottom is where the gel is at...not sure if that's normal but I was just expecting it to be completely solidified together but that wasn't the case. Oh well, I still love it! And lastly, I got myself some panties from Charolette Russe which is now sadly the only reason why I ever go there to shop now...to me their deals have gone to shit and are only catering for upper middle class. How the hell are you gunna tell me your lowest price on clearance is $15 and up when y'all used to have as low as $5(;¬_¬) Sorry...the life of a constantly broke college student. Okay maybe not broke...but close to it all the time!

All of them are so cute!! I can't resist a good deal on some nice panties :3 That's it for this post, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I'm going to work then come back home to get ready for my friends party tonight. Hopefully won't get too out of my element in the process...just pray that none of the college dudes hit on me. Eww. Till next time~


  1. Wow that video was too cute! HAHA at the part when he was making black jokes <333 You two seem extremely happy <33

  2. Haha yeah he always loves making racist jokes lol I do the same right back though XD Thank you, we are!

  3. I love the new YT design and I enjoyed your video. You guys were so relaxed and chill. I need to try some NYX products! Those colors are great and would be perfect for performances

  4. Oh yeah I can see you rocking them in your dance performances for sure :D I love NYX, even their polishes are great. Thank you once again!


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