January 9, 2012

Dallas Gal Meet 2012 + OOTD/FOTD

Where do I begin? This event was such a success and I am so happy that I conjured up the courage to put this meet together despite the hatred in the gal community. I knew there would be some gals in the area who were well informed on the style and were ready to blossom into their own unique style. Let me not say too much and just dive right into our day. Now I was late by like...and hour and a half but luckily the lovely ladies waiting were so patient and didn't sound like killing me when I told them I'd be coming late after picking up two of my friends and dropping off Hachi at his dogsitter's place. After feeling like I was never going to make it alive driving on the highway to Dallas, we finally arrived at the mall and went inside to meet our group. I was so nervous but they looked adorable and I was so happy to find that one of my other friends was already with them.
D'Andria EDIT: Those nails were my friend Elise's lol my mistake
Kalicia. She had cute nails too but I forgot to take pics of them for some dopey reason! Check out her new blog here!
Sweet Odely~
Precious - fellow Naija :D
Second from the right - Elise. The original 6 all together :)
 After we met up, we decided to go do some light shopping while we were there and went into Victoria Secret and we saw some gorgeous bras and panties.

 I bought something from there but I'll share that in another post. Then we hit up FXXI of course.

Kalicia and D'Andria were both hungry since they got there way earlier than we did so we went to Ghengis Grill to grab a bite to eat. It was pretty sweet because the waiter we had was so cool and he asked us if there was something special going on because we looked so glamed up :D I never felt more awesome!

After that I received a call from an unknown number and I figured it had to be someone who was late to the meet or something and I was right. We were going to wait for them back at Sephora unitl they got there before we headed off to H-Mart so we browsed in there for the mean time and saw these...

They called back and suggested to meet them at H-Mart instead to not hold up the group so we did and had a hell of a time getting out of the parking lot in the process but we made it! Finally, our last two to join us for the night came, Emmy and D Lo, and it was again such a great vibe between them and the rest of the group, I loved it! And the purikura was then made.

I'm realizing I should've done a kyary face or something lol damn it!

Then I took some individual pics on my own since the lighting in there is fabulous-o!

Sally lashes & Decolog lashes - Top lashes
Zuri foundation - Contour powder
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC50 - Liquid foundation
Shimmer pencil - Highlight
Nars blush in Desire
MAC lipstick in Passiterie
MAC lipglass in Lust
Too Faced eyeshadow
Black cream eyeliner
One day I will have everything down lol then my friend took a pic of my outfit!

Top - Image
Skirt - Hot Topic
Tights - ??
Boots - gift
Headbow - gift
Necklace - Image
Earrings - KJ Beauty supply
I will say that this is the BEST coord i have done to date in my gyaru style and I'm proud of it. Only thing I wish I did was give myself time to put on my nails that morning but whatever. I'll know for next time.

Eating and chilling in the cafe area
We ended the day at fruitelicous (bubble tea joint) afterward and promised to all come to the next meet in the near future after exchanging numbers.

Odely reading ViVi
My drink on the right, Emmy's on the left my phone and it's new charm in the middle :D
It was simply a pleasant outing to say the least. We made each other laugh, and we stood out in the best way possible together :D I cannot wait for the next meet we have which will be soon, I promise to those who really wanted to go but didn't get to. Next time I will arrive on time and it will probably be on a Friday for those who work on Saturdays like I do lol work is understandable. Thanks for reading, and bye for now! Next post will be about a few small things I left out in this one.


  1. Miwa Moondancer1/9/12, 10:54 PM

    Looks like everyone had so much fun. Everyone looks great too. 

  2. Nami Glamrock1/10/12, 12:40 AM

    You guys looked like you had a lot of fun! I'm glad you had a nice turn out. Lovely gals. ALSO guuuurrrllll that outfit of yours is on point! I love it! ^.^

  3. Thank you and yeah they did ^ ^

  4. Aww haha thanks Nami <3 I was so nervous, you have no idea! haha!

  5. Everyone look so adorable >.<
    love the outfits

  6. I <3 your outfit & you are too pretty!! ~*^ 0 ^*~

    Everyone looked like they had fun! They looked so nice too!~ Success

  7. lol wow u did mention my blog under my pic. Thanks so much!!! Yeah that day was a blast and awesome to see other gaijun gals and guys in Dallas area of North Texas. Hopefully we can all meet at a-kon 23 also because i had some amazing ideas for it!! :D

  8. Oh man, I'm already thinking of fun things for us to do! We can always meet up and organize and even better and bigger type of meet. It would be with more people most likely because ever since then I've been getting people messaging me saying that they wanna come to the next one :D

  9. Bunny (Kalicia)1/15/12, 8:35 PM

    Alright i am defiantly for that! I can help you organized the next meet if you would like me to and maybe even post some flyers around my school since i do go to a art school lol. I think that would be awesome because i want to meet as many gals and guys into Gyaru fashion before i graduate this summer. When you are ready to le me know about your fun ideas just let me know!! :D

  10. Oh absolutely! I'll message you when I think the best time will be for me and most likely for everyone else in the next couple months. It'll be fun and I think posting up flyers in your school will attract a bunch more people who are willing to come this time around :D


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