January 4, 2012

First post of the year + NYE drunken story xP

Hello everyone in 2012 :D I'm starting out a bit late on this post but uhhh yeah. I was going to take all of these pics and stuff but my night went a bit out of hand this year but luckily I was with my closest friends at the time but I do have pictures of other neat things so just bare with me for a moment and lemme tell you how my NYE went.

I'm not a drinker or a stoner. If I do decide to drink, it's only for special occasions. That shit just seems overrated the way some people go about it as well as getting high which is why I shudder at people actually bragging about stuff like that as if it's an accomplishment of something so grand and even go as far as posting their pics on fb. Uhm...no. You look like a dumbass and are lame as hell, just stop! & before anyone goes well, have you ever even gotten high/drunk? Yes, I have right off my ass to the heavens and back and yes, it's an experience that puts you right out of your element but unless I'm retelling say a funny story or something along those lines, you will never catch me bragging about it. Wtf is the point it doing that? idgi :/

Now that we've established that, my NYE. It was pretty decent but unfortunately I was sick so I felt a little lazy to go out to the parties I was invited to so I just stayed home with my sister and her bf who came over as we watched the countdown. I put on my make up, which looked flawless btw but I didn't take any decent pics because I was so drunk later on that night but I pretty much just had gold glitter on my lid and smokey black and blue eye shadow on the corners with falsies on. God I'm so pissed I didn't take a pic of my eye make up DX Anyway, after that, we went to our friend Adrias where some of my besties were chilling at for the night. There was some weed and alcohol and I figured I'd give it a go since I haven't in a months so I did. The closest I have gotten to drunk was feel the slightest bit buzzed but that could have been a combination of being up so late at night running on hardly any sleep. After a few minutes of playing some drinking game, I started to suddenly feel light headed and my body movement slowed down. My brain was aware however that I was acting funny so I figured I was finally experiencing what it was like to be drunk and it was nothing special although I made everyone in the room laugh their asses off from how I was behaving. This is why you should ALWAYS be around people you trust when you decide to drink! lol but honestly, I don't regret that night at all. I was a happy drunk and the next day I had to go with my family to church early in the morning...luckily I had no hangover which shocked the hell out of me. But that was all I did really...nothing fancy.

The other day my mom bought me and my sis some clothes and said she'll be buying me more ^ ^ So glad she knows my style now.

I really love these leggings/skinny jeans...whatever they are I love them!
I didn't get this as a gift, I actually bought it months ago but just never blogged about it. I needed it to relieve stress last semester lol and I think it's just a nice aroma overall. I want to sleep to it, and I suppose you can. The lady at Bath & Body Works said it has up to 50hrs of burning wax in that little glass container it's in :o for $20 only, so if you got some extra monies, I'd highly recommend. Or you can buy the cute small ones for I believe $5 or under I'm sure they have lots of sales going on right now for them.

Yesterday I went out with Kevin and bought some stuff, but I'll share that with you in the next post. I'll leave you with these pics of me from last night though.

Have you guys seen this MV yet? It's a decent R&B ballad I think but I'm not all the rage about it. Still give it a listen :] Jay Park looks a little off imo...like overly sentimental to where it looks cheesy af in some scenes XD But he is still looking hella fine regardless even in that turtle neck.


  1. I know what you mean, I am not a drinker either.
    You look really pretty in those pictures :3
    Can't wait to see things you bought !
    Happy New Year!

  2. Haha thank you! It was late when I took those haha I'll update that post by tomorrow most likely if I can get to it.

    HNY to you too dear :D

  3. Sounds like a good night! ^_^ I love those tank tops too!

  4. Ugh, I'm so happy I'm turning 18 this year so I can actually do something on New Year's Eve!

  5. lol awww I'm excited for you! Hopefully your family realizes that you're at an age where they need to give you more of your independence because even at 18 my mom still had her moments when she wouldn't let go of the umbilical cord but now she finally has :)


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