January 5, 2012

Fun at D&B + OOTD/FOTD) 。:゜★

Hey people! On Tuesday Kevin wanted to spontaneously take me to Dave & Busters as well as the Cheesecake factory (no pics of food this time, sry) where we had our second date when we first met and it was delightful! I've gone to arcades in the past, but the place was so alive with neon colors and noises that would make any gamer wanna cream their pants :D Plus it's been a while since I've gone to one lol

I was beastin' on this game >:3

I'm getting better and better at my gal make up but I feel like I could still practice more especially with contouring and lower lashes.

Decolog Who's Series top lashes
Too Face Duo eyeshadow in 'Ash'
Black cream eyeliner
Tarte powder blush in 'Tipsy'
MAC Studio Fluid Fix Foundation in NC50
MAC Concealer
There are a few things I left out but I can't remember them DX I also was wearing my MAC Patisserie lipstick but it wore off by the time I took this pic. Anyone know any good lip primers I can buy so it lasts longer? Also, that blush was sampled from Sephora and I think this Saturday when I go to my gal meet, I'm going to get it because that color is outstanding compared to my other blushes. I've been looking for an orange-y one like it anyway and found out the one NARS carried that I wanted has been discontinued :(

& who knew putting your lashes the other way around would still look decent? lol it was buy accident until I saw how it looked on and I was like...okay :D Now onto the outfit!

blurry pic (*≧m≦*)  PHAIL!
Vest/tank top: Forever XXI
Loose top: Image
Boots/Pants/ring: Xmas gift
Bracelet: Boyfriend's
 I had fun :D Kevin and I were going around while no one was looking finding tons of free tickets sticking out of the dispensers on some of the games people forgot and even tokens! We go so lucky but we decided to leave getting a prize till we rack up more tickets the next time we go which I didn't even know we could do.

I hope everybody's having a good week! I'm finally feeling better from being sick but I still have a faint cough and stuffy nose but it'll go away really soon I'm sure. Oh and I know I said in the last post I'd share with you guys the stuff I recently bought, but that'll be for again another post I decided lol I wanna lump everything together. Oki, bai now!

This chick is so dead on it's not even funny...well yeah it is lol but just watch and lemme know what you think.


  1. I love Dave & Buster's & your outfit! I'm glad you guys had fun. ^_^ This girl really did hit it right on. Definitely the hair thing! OMG. xD

  2. Man I haven't been to a D&B in forever. I love arcades.

  3. hope you feel better soon.
    I love her videos; she is hilarious. and it's so spot on.

  4. @btd.: lol haha isn't it funny how true that video is! & thanks!

    @Mew Mew: It's awesome! They have this whole other kind of atmosphere, I love it!

    @Arielle: I gotta subscribe, cuz she is funny! I never knew about her until now.

  5. Why are your outfits always so cute though? OMG, I love all these Shit Girls Say videos! They're hilarious 

  6. lawl you are so sweet I can hardly stand it, thank you ^ ^ I do too! There's so many I love all of them so much omg adfkadjkl!


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