January 12, 2012

Hair update - Reached full APL :D

My sister said that before pic is my Kid Kudi face...wat? Look at dat mane!!
APL - armpit length

For those who don't know, I am still on a hair journey despite these past few months I've been shamefully ignoring my regimen...hence why I feel like my hair didn't grow as much as I expected it to ( ̄ะด ̄;) It's mainly because right before I put my hair up in my sew in, I was experiencing some breakage and was stressed because of the crappy job I had at the time on top of it being right before school started. Yeah, hectic lifestyles effect my hair tremendously unfortunately so I guess this 6 month stretch didn't quite show a lot of length from my last update. I didn't even intend on stretching that long but I had no money when it was time for me to get a touch up after my 4 month was up so I had to wait till after Christmas gifts were bought before I could get one. Boy did the de-tangling suck ASS! I will never wait 6 months again or dare think of going natural! This experience helped me realize that and was the worst visit as far as the pain goes. My hairdresser was not gentle at all so I lost a lot of hair through shedding and him ripping out chunks of dreadlocks. I should've taken a picture of all the hair that was on the floor which could also be another reason why I didn't see as much length as I wanted. Luckily for me, I still had lots of hair even after all of the hair loss still attached to my scalp surprisingly so I'm not fussing too much over it but God, never again!

My goal for last year was to achieve BSL but I still got a long way to go however I am happy to say that I am at full APL :) My hair was annoyingly longer on the sides and shorter in the middle but now the back has seemed to finally caught up with the rest of the longer parts of my hair so now it looks more full at the bottom and I won't be needing to trim just to even it out anymore unless there are badly damaged ends. It slipped my mind to take a pic of of my hair going down my back for some reason but when I get it straightened again in another month, I'll take another pic to show you it's true length. I will do a regimen post for my hair very soon for those who want to know my routine which I plan on being more serious with this year, even with sew-ins unlike last time.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you all some new products I purchased last year for my hair from Sally's.

I bought Ion Purifying Solution's Hard Water Conditioner to help with the mineral build up from the water I wash my hair. The part of Texas I live in doesn't have very high levels, but hey the more you prevent, the better in my opinion...but it was fairly inexpensive as well as the Swimmer's Leave in Conditioner. I don't really go swimming, but if I do, this spray will be all up in my head! It always has sun protection to prevent damage from the UV rays which I thought was pretty neat like a 2 in 1 sorta deal. Then my favorite out of all three the Roux porosity controll corrector & conditioner :D This mofo is awesome! I love how it makes my hair feel the moment I apply it throughout my hair. I might go back and also buy the shampoo to see if it works even better with it but I used this Sunday night before I got my touch up to keep my hair balanced which is highly recommended! Love this stuff, but it is like $12 or something at Sally's but still worth giving a shot.

Alright so that's all I got for this post, I really hope everyone is doing good this week! Me and Kevin filmed the boyfriend tag video for my Youtube channel since so many people have been requesting it for months now lol it was fun :) I also still gotta edit my gal meet too first D: Trying to get these done before school starts back up next Wednesday but we'll see. Bye for now!

Michelle Phan's newest video and first short film. I loved it and she says my name lol she looks so gorg, just watch!


  1. Miwa Moondancer1/12/12, 4:07 PM

    natural isn't really all that bad though so long as it's taken care of. However if you do leave it for extended lengths of time with out detangling it, dreads will start to form naturally, and if you're tender headed on top of that....yea it can be a little painful especially if someone else is detangling it for you. 

  2. Funny you say that because I'm the least tender headed person I know out of all of my family and friends thanks to the hair abuse I was put through as a kid from my mom (unintentional of course). I remember when my hair was natural before I got a relaxer, it was horrible getting my hair done for me and my mom because of how thick my hair was back then and still is. With the type of lifestyle I live, it is so difficult for me to manage on a daily basis I know that I will simply give up. I have lots of respect for the ladies and gents out there who are natural though but I feel like being relaxed is more for me.

  3. Your hair is really pretty and long! My hair is still at shoulder length D: I wish mine would grow xD That video was really nice I actually watched the whole thing xD!

  4. Aww your hair definitely has potential of growing longer if you take care of your ends :) I learned that the hard way xP lol so did I, it's really lovely!

  5. Your hair is still amazing! Before I did my sew in, I didn't detangle properly either so when I finally took it out, oh! So yeah, I know exactly what you mean! And I also neglected my hair a lot last year. Now I am back on my take care of my hair boat. I like that we both have similar goals. nigerian Sailor Moons/Rapunzels rule the world! :3

  6. Haha, we can only take that as a lesson learned so it's no biggie. I'm so pumped to reach my hair length goal, you don't even know! I feel like I need to just keep my hair off my shoulders majority of the time which isn't a problem...I'm already getting used to it actually. Plus, buns can be really cute :3 lol you're gunna make me do a meme on that one day!


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