January 6, 2012

Prepping for gal meet + Latest gets :D

Hey all! I'm so pumped for tomorrow I can barely stand it! Tomorrow is my first gal meet ever that I'm hosting in Dallas, TX at the Galleria mall and I am super excited! For those of you who haven't heard yet, but we're be doing a plethora of things like shopping, taking purikura, bobba, and meeting fun loving people! I'm not expecting anyone to be a full fledged gal or anything nor do I care. I think it's motivational to have so many people still want to partake in this regardless and I'm sure with time, everyone will eventually become more dedicated to the style :)

Since the weather's going to be nice I'm probably going to be wearing tights with a mini skirt, and my black boots but I've yet to decide what top I'm going to wear. I'm thinking my leopard print tank would look cute with it and maybe just go for an onee gal look or maybe rokku kei depending how I feel tomorrow morning. & I'm packing on that blush like there's no tomorrow too! I went out and also got my brows done which hurt like a bitch and got some free dark foundation from the hair beauty supply store since I had my free $15 card on me :D Helps a ton to save those things! My lashes will be super chunky too and I'll try to add a lot of black liner and eye shadow to make my eyes pop. I'm still iffy on whether or not I wanna wear my circle lenses but I just might and if they piss me off later in the day I'll just change them out, it's no biggie.

And my hair...Lord...I want to do curls but they always fall out. But I'm taking down my extensions after tomorrow anyway, so I'll just pray my hairspray does me justice. All in all, I'm so anxious and even a bit nervous haha but I know it'll be well, even if it's just two out of the 11 people who actually show up, we'll make it into a fun day!

Aside from that, I bought and received a few things recently because of sales going on at Claires and Icing yada yada yada...

My favorite from this bunch is the triple gold rings on the bottom right hand corner. I felt like those green earrings were too boho for my taste, so I gave them to my sister instead.

It wasn't the best idea to take pics of these on top of this fabric I just realized but anywho, I bought the scarf  the necklaces are laying on and my personal favorite out of this bunch is the peacock necklace then the pretty silver heart one. The other two needed to be detangled xP

Now onto the gifts!

From my friend Alex! Such a cute plushie pouch, I love it!

My sister gave me $30 to spend anywhere when we went shopping this week so I went to Icing to finally buy me some studs for my new piercings and got these suckers.

I wanted simple ones for more flexibility in how I wear them with my outfits ^ ^ I think I made a good choice with these and that top silver rhinestone one looks amazing on my cartilage piercing!

Then I got this necklace :D Bring on the spring and summer outfits :D

E.L.F.'s neutral eyeshadow palette from my friend Danielle :D my favorite one is the pretty shimmer gold ones to the nearest right corner. Love it!

That's it for now. I'll the next few posts will be about my gal meet. EEEEEK! Okay imma shut up about it now. Ttyl~


  1. Nice gets girl :3
    I need to go in Claires more often! I guess I never go in there because of that 'little girl' image they have xD
    I really like all your accessories you bought!

  2. Have fun tomorrow with your gals! ^^
    I really loved those green earrings! & the summery necklace.
    I wish I was good at putting on make up. I completely suck. xD

  3. andou_x_nishimura3041/6/12, 9:02 PM

    Good luck at your first meet. Have tons of fun!
    We'll have to plan a hang out day or something one day ^^

  4. That definitely sounds like a good idea! And thanks, we will!

  5. Aww practice makes perfect! & thanks :] 

  6. Right? They really do have that little girl image going on but they're sales can be worth it. I think you would like Icing better though. It seems to be the more grown up version of Claires.

  7. That Claire's Necklace is so cute!

  8. Thanks! I can't wait to wear it :D


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