January 11, 2012

Hit 200 followers + Misc. buys from gal meet & pho

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I recently hit 200 followers on this blog O(≧▽≦)OI am so happy that I finally got to this amount! I was thinking of doing a giveaway when this day comes and honestly, I just might :D Thank you to all my loyal readers and even my most recent followers, all of you are so awesome for being interested in my life and what's going on with lil ol' me! Can't wait to get to 500 one day!

So during the gal meet this past Saturday, I bought a few things but nothing special since I'm really trying to save up for textbooks when school gets here next week and other things that are more important but I still thought I'd share anyway. When we went to go to Victoria secret, I originally wanted to buy bras and panties since I feel like my stash could use some updating and they did have some good deals being from VS, but I been so spoiled by Charolette Russe's 5 for $10, I rarely ever look else where for my undies and as for bras, I go to Ross and get bras just as cute to save. But I do plan on buying a gel padded one there very soon for more lift. That's won't be till around Valentines day though... *giggity giggity goo* Here's what I bought...

It actually smells really good but it's not strong at all. It has a pretty subtle fragrance and the shimmer shows flicks of gold and the reason I got it is because I know the sun will be coming out in a few more months which means I will be showing off more skin so I thought why not have a pretty glow with this body shimmer while smelling lovely at the same time? I have bronzers I never use too, so this will be my replacement of them.

Then at the cute store Fancy in H-Mart, I finally bought my shitty MetroPieceofShit Samsung a charm. Meh...I can see my mom not listening to me and sticking with this service longer than I anticipated so I might just deco out my phone to make it match the charm...it's so cute and girly, I fucking love it~

This has already been in my belly and out the other end, but I still thought I'd share lol! If you take me to any bakery that sells these red bean buns or donuts, I promise you will be repaid with acts of complete kindness and gratitude! These are so yummy especially when you eat them in the morning and warm them up in the microwave *drools* It's simply delightful!

I DIDN'T BUY THIS! But holy poo I wish I did T^T This is Kalicia's bag she brought to the meet up I forgot to put in the last post. Isn't it cute? I had to share because I've recently went to the Sanrio store and saw a really cute bag for like $180 and I nearly came to tears.

Okay so that's the end of the miscellaneous stuff from Saturday. Now here's the thing about pho...I think why I don't like it that much is because of either where I am going to or what I am order...or also how little I season it with the sauces that are typically provided. I just don't see how it's so amazing :/ Someone will want to slap me after saying this, but I personally find instant ramen more flavorful. Yes, I said it. & I don't even like eating that sodium packed shit anymore these days xP But I did take some nice pics of my tea and pho when I went with my boyfriend and his broski the other day :D

Green leaf tea...so bitter but so nutritious!
Yummy spring rolls.

And lastly my pho noodles. Not gunna lie, everything tasted so healthy! If I were on a diet, I'd come here more often. That's all I got for now though. I have finally taken out my weave after 4 months of having it in but I miss it dearly TAT Now I have to go back to properly pampering my hair to maintain it's health and length but it's cool. I kinda miss doing protein/moisture treatments anyway lol so look out for a hair post coming up soon! Also I gotta rant about a few things that's been on my mind in the gal community. Which ever one comes first, we'll see.

P.S. - Check out my friend Shun's new blog! She's a new gal and it'd be great if you all could welcome her into the community (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


  1. LOL im so happy you love my Hello Kitty bag! Also i love how you introduce your new friends Gyaru blog. I would be so happy if you could do the same for me lol but i defiantly need to take a awesome pic like that! :D If that is fine let me know!! :3

  2. Oh absolutely! Whichever pic you wanna use, lemme know. I can also edit your pic with my photoshop cs5 if you want. It does wonders! I love making graphics :D

  3. That Hello Kitty bag is so cute! I'm glad you had a great time :3

  4. That body shimmer is a great idea, Imagine it under stockings. The food looks awesome and the day looked great.
    (I just got like a load of your past updates like everyone else <.< so i missed allot of blog post)


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