January 17, 2012

Sushi & a couple of gets + new video~

Man...I feel like I'm slowly getting into that pattern of posting irregularly again D: Let me not say anything just yet though and hope that this new time management thing I'm trying out actually pulls through for me so it doesn't come to that. Anyway, I went to a really nice Japanese restaurant with Kevin called Tokyo One. lol I'm always hanging with him throughout the week so that's the reason why I'm always with him in most of my posts just in case anyone was wondering. I didn't take any photos of the actual restaurant but next time I will but that probably won't be for a while since it's like $60 for only the two of us :/ But here's my plate...

My plate...this piece of pretty sushi was unexpectedly salty to my surprise. Idk where my mind was thought because obvi fish eggs are bound to be a little salty but I stupidly dipped it in what I thought was soy sauce when it was actually dumpling sauce to make matters worse...lol but otherwise, doesn't it look pretty? :D
 Here's Kevin's...
His plate looks gross mainly because he got a lot of the curry chicken but it tasted really good. A lot like my mom's stew she used to put on top of my rice when I was younger.
Cute, really soft desserts we ate. There were so many I wanted to eat and take pics of but I decided to leave that for another time. I was too HOONGRAY!
Coffee jello :9
I've never tried coffee jello before but it wasn't too shabby :) Everything was yummy I had many mouthgasms that night.

I went to a Walmart to just browse and remembered how I was almost running out of my make up cleanser by clinique and neutrogena so I got Noxzema's deep cleansing cream for $3 and Maybelline's baby lips moisturizing chap stick...

The smell of the cream is a little strong but not overwhelming. I actually love how it cools on my skin after using it. I feel like it works more effectively than what I'm using now actually :D It's just odd because it's a cream rather than a liquid and is in a jar o.o And that chap stick is pretty decent but so far, I haven't noticed any major differences but I should give it about another week to make my final conclusion of it first. I just remember reading a review on NaijaBarbie's blog and wanting to give it a shot.

I have more to show you guys later this week. I start school tomorrow so pray that I don't sit next to the weirdo in the class or the person who knows absolutely nothing lol and I'll do the same for all of you guys going back this week! New video is up on my vlog channel. Watch it below :)


  1. Oh yummy food! I never heard about that cleanser, I might check it out.
    I never tried baby lips either because people say that are not as good as the revlon lip butters.
    Your video is so cute!! You girls are adorable and I can tell you all had fun!

  2. lol oh my goodness, I think that's what I was intending on buying but I couldn't remember the exact name of it so I confused it with the baby lips chap stick xP Oh well, I'll get it next time after I run out of this one. & thank you! It was so long, and I tried to cut it down but there was so much footage!


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