February 25, 2012

Add me on Instagram + Vote for Usagii!!

Hey guys! This post won't be one about any of my recent events or anything, but I did want to tell you guys that after setting up my Apple ID, I have finally downloaded Instagram. So far, I think it's a neat little app. I wish you could decrease the exposure on some of the filters because some of them could look so great if they didn't completely wash out the color of my skin. Other than that, it's awesome! If you have me on facebook then you've probably already seen the first few pictures I've posted on there...if not here they are!

Taken last night...I have clearer pics of my make up in my upcoming post.
This Wednesday before Kevin came to pick me up.
The sushi we ate there ^ ^
So there you have it! If you haven't added me yet, just look for TheLovelyIfy and follow me! I will follow you back :)

Okay so last thing I want to mention really quick is about the contest Usagii is currently in for the Kawaii of the World competition! She's been talking about this all week and she's finally making her way up the ladder but this could still be her time to go home if we don't continue to give her support! As a representative for US gals, she deserves all the votes she can get on her make up tutorial video that will be posted up later tonight for 24 hours so please vote for her! All the details on how to do so will be here on this facebook page.

This is the make up look she will be doing the tutorial on.

That's all I will blog about for today. Next post will be up in a few days...I'm going to hang out for a friend's going away party and tomorrow it's Kevin and me day ^ ^ after that it's back to the boring weekdays. lol! I hope everybody's having a fulfilling weekend! I have so much to talk about from last night alone!


I help run a blog on tumblr dedicated to gorgeous black girls who have various styles ranging from gyaru, scene, visual kei, lolita, and so on. We take submissions as long as they meet the minor requirements and we post a few times every week so if you want to check that out click on the link below.

And lastly, there is also another group on facebook I wanted to share called Black Gyaru of the World and it has so far brought a lot of unity amongst the members so far. You'd be surprised at how much information you gain when talking to so many people with the same struggles as you in this style. Here's the link for that page as well! Big things will be happening very soon concerning that, but I will keep my lips sealed for now :)


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