February 21, 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year, OOTD

Hey guys. I have been battling a cold these past few days and I'm just now feel slightly better. My entire body was aching, I got frequent spikes of fevers, running nose, sneezed every 5 seconds, coughed like there was no tomorrow, and now my voice is reduced to sounding between a phone sex operater and a man who just woke up from a long nap. But anyway, this post has been long overdue but I figured to post it up anyway after seeing all of the pretty pics I took.

Kevin and I went to The Dallas Asian Arts museum to see their celebration of the Chinese New Years since we missed the bigger one that happened a week before this one. Even though he kept saying this one had nothing on the main event one we missed, I still thought it was pretty awesome! I've never celebrated Chinese New Year apart from having a friend give me a dollar in a pretty red/gold Hello Kitty envelope.

This one got all UP in my face ;___; 
I loved how she looked RIGHT at me when I took this pic from afar :D lol it was perfect timing!
Cute little girls :D
If you've never been to one of these events, it's definitely worth going to in the future! I bet next year will be better with even bigger and more skilled people in the lion suits...which btw, do these look like lions to you guys? I always thought they were dragons and Kevin kept correcting me xP lol! But he's obviously right, still though they look like dragons to me O.O I was actually frightened at one point because of how close up they get in your face. I've always been afraid of mascarades when I was little attending Nigerian parties so this kind of brought up those memories for me but it was more of an adrenaline rush than anything else.

My favorite one!
It ended rather quickly since we got there so late but it was still worth going to. Kevin wanted to cook for me at his hosue, so he went to the local Vietnamese market to buy some ingredients for tempura and sesame chicken to make for the both of us ^ ^

Hahaha >////< why is he so cute?
He chopped these up so fast! O.O
Never seen so many sesame seeds at once .__.

And the end result is simply droolworthy! Although I didn't take any pics of the tempura since I ate it up before I remembered haha! I was starving.

I never really realized how much I like plain white steamed rice until recently. 
His food is always delicious :D After we ate and chilled at his place, we headed back out to go see his friend Kyung's performance. He's a serious dancer and has a pretty good sense of humor so when we meet up with him it's usually a good time not to mention being able to see him dance for the first time. He hates people taking pics of him though so sadly no one will get to see what he looks like on my blog xP One day maybe he'll let me haha! This is what the stage looked like from where we were originally sitting before they moved us to the front of the stage...

There were so many great performances that I wish I recorded or at least taken pics of. Two in particular nearly brought me to tears. One was more spiritual and the other was so romantic and touching. The woman who runs the show has had five brain tumors removed but is still as dedicated to dancing as she always has been her whole life. She looks as if she's in her middle to late 50's but she did multiple numbers despite her condition that night. There was one she did with her husband that was so sweet it even brought the animated funny host to tears, I honestly didn't blame him. The whole time Kevin was holding me and it just resonated so well with me in that moment that love exists. There were these group of girls next to us that I was getting bad vibes from the whole time too but once that dance came on, I had forgot about them and they seemed to have disappeared :) Good riddance!

Kevin's camera took a butt load of continuous pics so I created gifs out of them to show you all a little bit of what we saw there...

There was definitely a lot of R&B, hip hop groups this time but I really loved the contemporary dances! I hope I can get into a dance class this fall. I don't want to completely give up acting but I do want to try something new plus I need the credit anyway so why not, right? :) Oh here's my outfit...

Leather jacket/leggings/top - Burlington Coat Facotry
Tank top - Forever 21
Combat boots - Ross

I need to really clean that mirror. Oh! I never did mention how my mom recently bought me a lot of clothes from Burlington Coat Factory a few weeks ago. So you'll be seeing that pop up my OOTD's a lot in the next few posts most likely. Thanks to her I have a new leather jacket and a leather vest. I been feeling like such a rebel lately ^ ^ lawl okay not really but it does work well if I feel like doing a rokku-kei look.

We went to have some Starbucks the other night too...

That muffin wasn't my fav surprisingly because the texture was...off. But my drink was delicious! That's all I have for now. I hope you guys don't get sick like me but it seems like it's inevitable for most of the blogger's I follow who are coming down with something lately xP My sister was the one who got me sick...can't wait till we move out of this cramped apartment!! DX 

Here's a little update! I do have instagram now after I finally got my Apple ID registered. Follow me if you will and give me your sn's so I can follow back ^ ^

Look up: thelovelyify

Yehhh...so I'll be seeing you guys on another post pretty soon (hopefully!) ttyl!!

This song...UUUUHNMMMPH!! I've haven't listened to a song this many times on repeat since Miyavi's last album came out. Jesus!! They need to stop with all the teasers and come on with a full out debut!


  1. GLad you had a good time. You should def take dance classes. I love dancing and I want to join a studio or something college. Those gifs came out pretty nice. You two always go to amazing events, I'm jelly :3

  2. Ahh I love that song now! & I agree with the top comment, it looks like you are always doing fun things! Omg & I got sooo hungry after seeing your b/f's cooking! Lucky~~ :p

  3. so do I ^ ^ Haha honestly, I have been doing a lot these past few months. I'm not sure what happened but I'm always hanging out with people these days.

  4. Yea I can't wait to sign up! I've always loved to freestyle (in my bedroom when no one's looking xD) but the only person who's seen me really dance was my sister and my closest friends. They all say I'm pretty decent. I wanted to post them up on tumblr but none of them would upload for some reason.


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