February 5, 2012

Cramming in tons of stuff in 1 post

Ho man am I late on making this post. School's been keeping me occupied as I feared delaying me from posting every week. Blah, moving past the excuses I'll start with my most recent hang outs and show you guys some neat things I purchased this week. I went to my friends 21st bday celebration last weekend (so many people turning 21!) and we weren't planning on staying as long as we did, but that was how much fun we were having (-^〇^-)

Bday girl
Our friend Erika!
Vodka gummy bears...they weren't super potent as we anticipated but they still had a strong taste.

Whoever knows what that is gets cool points! It was on my friends necklace that night and I couldn't stop fiddling with it anytime she sat near me. After that, my other friend Jazmine was also having her 21st birthday get together the day after. It was pretty fun, I meet some nice people in the process. I want to shoot myself in the ovaries for not remembering to take pictures of the flaming grill and billions of plates laid out on the table but whatever. Just picture it in your mind and I'm sure it'll be as close to accurate ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ Here's what I did take pics of! Don't expect too much...

The hood in the room to reduce the smoke from the grills at our tables.

Kevin was helping turn over the meat for our side of the table which I thought was so sweet! I embarrassed myself by not properly holding my chopsticks...you'd think after this long eating with them I wouldn't fail so miserably but I did to my disappointment. Could it have been nerves? *le sigh* Regardless, the food was good, I didn't get burned but I can't say the same for the guy on the other end of the table who had the most vicious grill lol but it gave everyone a laugh plus I don't think it burned him too seriously. If he were, I'd feel pretty bad tbh.

We went to Mozart to briefly sit and nom on their bakeries. For the first time I bought their overpriced cakes and it was pretty good! Thankfully Jazmine recommended a really good one and it was so soft and fluffy! I loved how it wasn't too concentrated in sweets like the cakes you find at places like Wally World. Nope, these were pretty subtle and mine tasted just like a mocha latte (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Lastly, we went to a karaoke bar. I need to redeem myself next time we go. For some reason, I get so nervous when I sing in front of people, even if it's for something not to be taken seriously I just try not to partake in it but I did and well...eh. Here's the birthday girl jamming out to some Korean song!

What was on the screen 
She did beast...and even sung in Japanese too! Made me feel even more like a failure but there's always the summer to get serious in relearning the language again, right? After that, the week that followed I pretty much threw myself into a frenzy of random buys. Starting with this game...

Lol okay so it's definitely not FFXIII but it's the best I could get for the time being and the money I'm willing to spend on games right now. But so far, it's more cute than anything else, and I'm a sucker for cute shit! I can't say that I absolutely love it but it is a nice story so for $20, it wasn't so bad. Still in the process of beating it though since I keep taking breaks.

Secondly we have these sexy Darkness k.ma 8 lashes I purchased from H-mart while Valentine shopping with Odely. It was 2 pairs for $4 and so far, I love them! I did a nice little review on these suckers too and they are included in my new tutorial coming up soon as well as one of the lip liners I also got there...

I wanted to get these after seeing the effect lip liners give on make up guru beautybyjj. My lips look rather off after applying my foundation so to mute out the color you can use lip liners or concealer but I haven't mastered using concealer properly on my lips yet so I'll stick to this which is what works best for me with these. 

Nothing spectacular to say about this powder brush I got from Target (Up&up) other than it being needed after my poor kabuki brush literally feel out of the socket of the handle entirely. My guess would be from washing it regularly, the glue finally decided to give out. Whatever, I'd rather have no kabuki than a dirty brush.

Then I got incense ash tray...holder thingy from Earthbound XD Kevin introduced the pleasure of incense to me a few months ago and I'm amazed at how I never used it before. So now I have over like 30 different scents I can't wait to burn >:3 If you don't like a slightly musky smell, you may not like them as much but since I do, these are awesome and they are pretty affordable. It leaves my room smelling good for days upon days!

Lastly, Kevin got me this cute envelope along with some beautiful white flowers for our 6 month anniversary. Inside the envelope wasn't money lol it was something better. A sweet letter of how lucky he feels being with me for this long. I nearly cried because I didn't think he'd make this point in our relationship a big deal but he did and that meant so much to me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I've lost count at how many times he's given me flowers...I love him so much! To end this lengthy post, here's a cute picture of Hachi in his mischievous act of naughtiness.

Bye guys! I'll try to keep you updated on what went down this weekend lol that is if school work permits.


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  2. That's so adorable!! Me and my boyfriend had our sixth month..monthavirsary lol on the 25th of january xD you seem to have a very entertaining life and im glad you like it: ) Hope you and Kevin last a long time and have a long and healthy life!!

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  4. omg I want those lashes!!! And I have a pink domo that is JUST like that lol :D

  5. lol he makes my room look so much cuter ^ ^

  6. saranghaekpop2/6/12, 6:22 PM

    Did you like Omi? I went with my cousin for her birthday a couple years ago and it was great! Did you go to the karaoke in that same shopping center, the couches look the same :) 

    Omg I've been wanting to try out some NYX lip pencils for the longest. I need to plan a trip to H-mart and buy some~

  7. Yes it was delicious Korean bbq but the price was ridiculously high and the waitresses really weren't all that nice to be honest. Unfortunately their tip was included in the price otherwise, I wouldn't have tipped them. and yes we did ^ ^ It was nice! You can get those lip pencils at beauty supply stores too but for some reason Asian markets that sell cosmetics always carry that brand...not sure why that is.

  8. i want to taste those vodka gummy bears! ive always seen those darkness lashes online but never got around to trying them out, maybe i should.. i love that incense holder .. and omg hachi is so cute even amongst the mess he made!

  9. They are pretty cheap, but they still look like you paid a lot for those lashes :) Haha yeah Hachi is spoiled rotten, I can't even get mad at him when he does stuff like that anymore.


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