February 28, 2012

Roller Skating :) OOTD

Sup everyone! I hope you all are having a good start of the week! Is it me, or does it seem like it might not actually snow down here in the South this year? Idk...there might be some random day when it does but if not I will actually be pretty disappointed. Aside from the weather, here's my outfit I wore to go to Interskate, a roller skating arena, with my friends.

Leather jacket/top: Burlington Coat Factory
Shorts: Delia's
Tights: Hot Topic
Necklace/Scarf: Claires
I was going for a rokku-kei inspired outfit that day. I finally got my foxtail back from Kevin! So now I'll be able to wear it with outfits like these to finish them off! I felt like that was what I was missing but oh well..and that's my scarf tired around my head with my high bun. I love high buns!! Thankfully for me it was warm enough to not freeze my ass off in those tights even though it did get a little windy towards the end of the night.

My tights up close > <
Overall skating was fun! I haven't done it since junior or sophomore year of high school so it's been a long time but I only fell on my ass once :D and I think I gained a better balance compared to how I used to be. I could still improve though. My friend Elise was grooving to the music and I was secretly jelly >  < Each time I tried to do something cool, I would instantly loose balance so I said fuck it and just skated in circles with no fancy moves :( Then we went to Razoo's and I had the best dish I've ever ate there!

Craw Daddy's inside cheesy fondue with garlic bread on the side. DELICIOUS AF!!
Alex's plate
His friend Hannah's plate. I never understood oysters but something tells me they're not as bad as they look...
Their patio
We ended up leaving pretty early and I had to go because of work the next morning xP But it was a fun night out with my friends! I can't wait to try that dish again...it was mouthwatering! Oh and remember those lashes I talked about in one of my previous posts I got from the hair store? Here's what they look like...

Too damn short! The style really attraccted me at first, but the length is killing me! My own lashes were even longer than these >:o I know I have naturally long lashes but still...that's annoying. And I didn't realize they were a dark brown color until I wore them that night. Kinda strange owning a pair that's not my typical black color but it's whatever. I might reverse these and wear them as lower lashes...who knows. If I do, expect pics! Other than that, I know my technique on doing my gal make up! It's not shown here, but it will be shown in the next post! That one will be pretty interesting to say the least XD

Oh and have you guys seen Big Bang's MV's recently? If not, mmmm qurrrrrllll TOP be looking all kinds of sexy! Check them out and lemme know which one you like the most!


  1. That outfit is so simple and stylish!!

    I wish I could rock tights as well as you can ¬¬ <3

  2. dancerita kay2/28/12, 6:34 PM

    Your outfit looks similar to one I put together a few days ago XD
    It's a lot more pulled together than mine though since you did more makeup and styled your hair. 
    The lashes are short but they're so cute :)

  3. Your outfit is adorable! :D  May I only say that I think you could use some more bottom lashes? Your make up looks rather cute already, though :3

  4. Thank you! I wanna see your outfit! Yeah I plan on buying Diamond lashes soon but still waiting to get my next paycheck for the longer ones.

  5. Thanks! lol I'm actually wearing my bottom lashes XD They're just hard to see because of how closely I put them to my natural lash line but next time I'll try not to place them together as close seeing how it looks so short.

  6. !! I love Big Bang's new songs <3
    I just can't get enough of Seungri even though I heard he's a douche.
    But! Those leggings are simply adorable <3
    And LOL! Is Taeyang grabbing his crotch in the thumbnail?! LOL!
    OH! And my blog is Jilky.Blogspot.com
    There's not much on it right now.. still trying to learn how to perfect my makeup and take pictures lol ;___;

  7. And! Your eyes looks soooo pretty without circle lenses.
    Mines look really weird whenever I don't wear my contacts..
    I guess my pupils are just really small

  8. Oh no! Where did my other comment go?! (* n *)

  9.  ... My page refreshed without sending my comment. But! LOL!
    I absolutely love Big Bang! I feel like they deserve more fame than Super Junior, and I'm amazed at how famous Super Junior is of today.
    I hope they do their world tour soon! Saving up money to go to their concert would be soo worth it! xD
    And is Taeyang grabbing his crotch in the thumbnail? Wahaha. How funny~
    My blog is Jilky.Blogspot.com btw :D
    But.. It's not as interesting as yours. Still learning how to put on makeup and take pictures LOL ;___;

  10. *In response to the comment that didn't show up for w/e reason*

    Seungri's a douche? :o lol I would have expected that from maybe Taeyang but not Seungri. Haha yeah...they knew the fangirls would die from seeing the thumbnail alone which is probably the reason they made them do the grab crotch move I bet! I imagine it worked on a lot of VIPs. I've never been a Super Junior fanatic but yeah, Big Bang definitely deserves more recognition for their work.

    And from what it looks like, you're doing a pretty impressive job with your make up and overall style missy! Why don't you have more followers? When you start blogging more frequently, I will definitely promote you on my blog ^ ^ I'm following you now! Thanks for the link :)

  11. you should be glad they're shorter than your real lashes! My real lashes are so short and sparse T_T

  12.  Ah, I kinda feel like.. I don't know if I'm "gal" enough. It's one of those feelings.
    I still like I still have a long way to go with makeup and clothing and just combining and outfit coordination. Plus, I don't like how I look in my camera since there's not much contrast and how I wish my camera would make colors more radiant.
    But yeah apparently Suengri is a douche and snitches on his oppa's like TOP and Taeyang if they ever go clubbing and such. Or I've heard stories of him telling on BB members such as fangirls who they go out with.
    He actually was in BB when he was like 16-17 so he's really young! (LOL THAT"S PERFECT >:DD

  13. Wow that's a shame. I had no idea that's how he really is. But yeah maybe it could also be how you contour your face too. Cameras easily wash out your face if you only have foundation on and nothing to put definition back onto your face. I hate when that happens because I feel like I have all that make up on for nothing. But trust me, I think your style is improving :D Just don't give up!


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