February 17, 2012

Sephora, OOTD/FOTD, & iPhone 4 + gets

Happy Friday readers! I know...from the title alone you can tell there is going to be much in one post
( ´∀`)That's what I get for leaving things off for as long as I have. Now some of these pics came out with a tint of a greenish fade because of the settings I foolishly had on my camera so please overlook that for those of you who notice. I fixed it now though so it won't do that in the future. I'll start with my trip to Sephora in the Southlake strip mall with my friend Elise and Vicky. When we went there, I knew I wasn't planning on buying anything but we did have fun sampling things on each other and me and Vicky took some glamourous pics after feeling sexy lol
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC50
Black cream eyeliner
Lip gloss - Perfecto
Top lashes - K.mas 8
Bottom lashes - ebay
I'm personally in love with the first picture ♥ but I still need to find the right lashes to make my eyes pop for the kind of gyaru make up I want to wear. And there's a few other techniques I still need to work on as far as applying the liner on correctly but with time, I'm sure I'll get it down. Here's some other miscellenous pics of what was in Sephora that caught my eye...mostly eyeshadow palettes and lip colors.

the one I am wearing is on the bottom row at the right corner "991 PERFECTO" I forget the brand!

While we were there, I spotted Michelle Phan's palletes and had to swatch them to give them a try...

All of the colors here were nice except for the brown in the center. It wasn't that pigmented and seemed like you had to pack a lot on a brush for it to show up noticeably.
The two golds and purple shadows were what made me melt! I mean wow!
We then got hungry and walked to The Cheesecake Factory...I go there way too much. Here are some pics of the strip mall outside. Although the weather was sunny, it was pretty cold!

I already ate earlier that day so I just got their strawberry cheesecake instead. I was hoping for something more to it but they just threw some strawberries on it and whipped cream on an ordinary cheesecake and called it a day :/ Next time I will be more adventurous and get something I've never thought of getting.
Elise went to go spontaneously buy a blazer from NY&C. Here's where I took my outfit pic since the lighting was excellent!
Leather jacket - Thrift World...only $8!
Wool sweater/shirt - Burlington coat factory
Combat boots - Ross
I wish I wore my fox tail with this outfit!! I used to wear it with so many cute outfits but this out of control dog at the dog park a while ago (yeah don't ask why I wore it there of all places) snatched it and he ripped the hole where the chain connected to it so now Kevin's trying to fix it for me but I don't think he's had any luck :( and his owners were useless in doing anything about it. Still trying not to think about it  (*≧m≦*) I'll just buy more at A-KON.

Onto the gets! After months of trying to convince my mom to switch from metropcs to sprint, she finally gave in. I hate that they make you do contracts but honestly, I'd rather have a better service that costs a few dollars more than a shitty one that literally drops calls every 5-10 mintues. Sometimes more frequently than that on that depending on the day no matter how important they are. Someone could be telling me they're contemplating suicide and that shit will still drop on them midsentence, it's ridiculous! Not saying that's ever happened, but I need my connection to be stronger than what metro has been offering and lately it's just gone to shit over the years so goodbye to you crappy service! & hello iPhone 4! We still need to go in tomorrow and do a few more things like get our Apple ID and shiz but I'm already so pleased with this bad boy! I can't wait to see what the hype is about Instagram...hipster or not if it's good I'll most definitely be using it! The functionality of this phone is superb even though this is coming from someone who's used crappy phones for all her life. I know I could've gotten an android but eh...I've always liked how nearly everything caters to iPhones. Let's be honest lol! Never did I think I'd own one and I even bought a temporary case for it. Later on down the road, I will try to find a far better one for it (deco'd out for sure!) but for now this white color will do. I actually really like how it looks now so I'm not complaining.

Staying on the topic of my new little gadgets, I bought a Seagate HDD with 1.5TB from Best Buy for only $99 to back up my ohsomany files that were on my laptop over the past 3 years I've had it O.O I had no clue how to do go about defragging and clearing out extra memory after it was finished pending the backup, but it helps to have guy friends and a boyfriend who knows a butt load about this stuff to help you out lol my sister said it was funny how they were all Asian guys ;___; I won't even...

It's so useful, I'm just mad I never discovered the benefits of a hard drive before up till now. Moving away from technological devices, when I went to go buy my phone case from the hair beauty salon I found these other nail polishes I wanted to try for Valentines day. Unfortunately, the design turned out so crappy, there was no point in taking pics of it afterwards even though I spent a long time on it :( But I think I know why it didn't come out nicely...
At least the brushes are thin enough to do cooler designs. I'm trying to get better at doing more nail art since that is one area I fail so miserably at. Lastly I bought these pair of lashes and NYX blush.
I haven't tried those lashes on yet so I'll have to talk more about them in another post but that blush is lovely! I just wish it stayed on longer for people with oily/combination skin. It looks great when you first put it on and is even a tint of orange :D I'll temporarily be using this until whenever I am able to finally get my hands on NARS' Taj Mahal which btw they no longer are selling in Sephora because it's been discontinued so you have to purchase it online only. It blows...

That's it for this post! I'll have to rewind one last time for my next post to share with you guys what I did with Kevin for Chinese New Years. Oh but here's some mv's you k-pop lovers might find entertaining if you haven't seen them already and are typically late on these things like me xP B.A.P. is a MUST...those blond haired boys are all types of fine! Zelo is doing it the most for me like...damn!


  1. Miwa Moondancer2/17/12, 7:14 PM

    QRRRRL You look gorgeous. * O* love the curls on you :3. And I have those same lashes XD omg lash twins ( sorry for my silliness) 

  2. Yes! I love BAP! The music video for Warrior was so intense I loved the ending especially. And Zelo's only 15! >< Any who, you look cute and I love the outfit you had on at NY&Co. Can't wait to see those lashes on you. I wish I could find something like those but longer ><

  3. lol XD aww haha I love those lashes, I just wish they were longer but still the effect they give is great!

  4. Yeah I wish they weren't so short xP I have to buy Diamond lashes soon...those are way better or Jewerich. Haha Zelo is straight up jail bait!! Like...I would consider going to prison for him if I didn't have a boyfriend cuz good lawd!!

  5. I have a question about your iphone's screen. Is that a mirror screen protector? If it is do you get a terrible rainbow effect when your screen is on? If it's not... it sure looks like a mirror xD

    Cute pics at the top <3

  6. No it's not. I actually don't have a screen protector just yet, I'm sorry. & Thanks!


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