February 16, 2012

Valentines Day + OOTD (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

-Brief note- 

My laptop has been warning me lately about my local disk drive running low on space for the past few weeks but I continued to ignore it for as long as I possibly could until I absolutely could not any longer. My laptop was at full capacity with memory that needed to be either deleted or backed up which somewhat explains why I've been lagging on making my blog posts. Each time I create a new post, I edit/transfer photos to my laptop so it takes up space. Now I got it all taken care of and I'll explain how in another post...

Valentines day just passed this week and it was my first year ever celebrating one with an actual boyfriend O.O *says like Stewie Griffin* Say whaaaaaat? But I couldn't have asked for it to have been spent with anyone better than Kevin (o⌒.⌒o) He wanted to make it extra special for me knowing that...

Initially, he planned on taking me out to this fancy steakhouse called Rafain, but then he decided after finding out their wait time to take me to equivalent steakhouse called Fogo de Chao and even though they had the same wait time for walk-ins, we just decided to be patient and go there anyway. He is still beating himself up over not making any reservations I'm sure, so I won't get mad at him for that lol despite the mishap, the place was lovely nonetheless, just super packed with couples and families. I unexpectedly bumped into an old best friend of mine and was very surprised I found her there. Here's a few pics of what I took at the restaurant. 
To the right are fried bananas...they tasted like plantain pancakes! 6:
One of the many delicious meats I got to eat

The amazing thing about this place is that they literally treat you like royalty! Never have I seen a waiter go up to any member of my party over a small stained spot on the table cloth and kindly asked if he could cover it up as if it were bothering us like...the hell? Haha I loved it, I thought it was so pleasant how we were constantly being attended to. There were so many different types of meats I ate my jaw was so sore after chewing so much but it was well worth it. Even the salad bar was good...the salad bar! That check ran up to be so much more than I would ever pay to eat dinner no matter how hungry I was which is why I am more than grateful I got to experience that place thanks to my baby~
Jacket - Ross
Scarf - Torrid
Top - Burlington Coat Factory
-Skirt - Claire's
Tights - Claire's
Earrings/Bracelet/Boots - gift

lol that's him reading my note in case anyone's wondering. We write love letters to each other like the dorks we are xP Had to majorly crop him out of that second pic because he didn't like how he looked haha! But I got him his Valentines gifts and he really liked them ^ ^ Especially the card that spun a record inside of it playing an old classical love song that I currently don't remember the name of *FAIL* And of course I gave him candy!

I just realized I didn't take a close up of my face to do a FOTD -.- Sorry...I just wore my decolog lashes again but with no lower lashes. I went over my lower lashes with mascara however and used my new NYX blush which I will talk more about my next post. Did my foundation, contouring, and eyeliner the same. Also, I've been asked how I get my hair to look the way it does when it's curled. If you guys would like to have me do a separate post on this or make a video please comment and lemme know so that I know whether or not it'll be useful to any of you ladies out there. Anyway, he got me a dozen of the freshest most beautiful red roses I've ever come across as if each one was picked with delicate thought taking into account how each individual one would be presented to me. Oh...along with some Hello Kitty chocolate and a card....lol!

...the letter continues and made me tear up in front of him. GAH I hate when he does that to me!!  FFFFFUUUUU~
Regardless of whether or not you were single or taken on Valentines day this year, I hope you all still cherished that you are loved by somebody. This day is not just for couples which I noticed when I saw big families out eating together :D It really touched me. That's why it pisses me off when people bash this holiday so critically. Yes, it is partially intended to help boost the card industry if you want to only look at it that way but if you open your mind to other aspects, this holiday is for everyone if it is about love. You don't have to buy a card to show that to somebody or go broke either. It's for the poor, the rich, the sick, the well, the young, the old, anyone! So please, spread love not hate and be happy with what you have because some people can't be as fortunate as you to have the life you do. Sorry to go in depth with this but I saw too much hate about this holiday when it's merely about showing love...why hate the idea of wanting to show love? I don't remember being like that last year...if I was then I'm glad I changed my outlook on it. I'll stop here. Be on the look out for more posts in the next few days or so and I have a big announcement coming up too but I'll keep that on the hush hush for the time being. Bye guys!!


  1. This is beautiful. Glad you and your boy had a great time. And Fogo de Chao is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. Costs an arm and leg, but it's always worth it when I go. They treat you like complete royalty there too. Your outfit is very cute! <3

  2. Aww so cute <3

  3. such a cute post!! Those roses are gorgeous, and I adore your outfit! The poofy skirt with the scallop-edge top makes you look like a Valentines fairy <3 xx

  4. Ugh, you guys are too freaking cute :3 I spent my Valentines day on that forever alone status! ><

  5. Thank you! Yeah I honestly wish they were less expensive but I'm the service wouldn't be as nice as it was had we paid the average price for a dinner meal.

  6. Thanks! My mom just bought that top for me from Burlington Coat Factory :)


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