March 6, 2012

Gyaru eye make up and coords aspirations (PIC HEAVY)

Disclaimer: None of the pictures in this post are owned by me. Credit goes to

I've seen many people make posts like these and for some reason I never have I made one myself, so I figure to occasionally post these as sort of a reference to look back on for when I am either loosing inspiration or ideas on what to add to my wardrobe/make up collection. No, I don't plan on being that blog that does nothing but make these kind of posts, but every so often wouldn't hurt. Don't worry, I'll get back on track with my regular posts soon. I'll start with eye make up. I'm still playing around with what works best for my almond eye far I know the best technique for me is to always make a point on the insides of my inner corners with eyeliner, otherwise my eyes will look too far apart from each other xP I like dramatic looks mainly, but sweet/natural styles also seem to appeal to me as well depending on the occasion. EX: If I'm heading out to the club or getting dinner with a large group of friends, I go heavy on my eyes. If I'm going out with one friend or Kevin, light natural looking eye make up but still gyaru.

Can I just quickly say that aside from Cocona dramatic eye make up, Manami Suzuki's eye make up is so stunning! The darkness of her black eyeliner is remarkable and really forces you to focus in on her eyes. I guess that's what a lot of gals do really, but hers for some reason stands out the most to me. Plus, she's simply gorgeous!

This picture precisely depicts what I was saying. It could be shopped, but it still looks fantastic!
Yeah I'm simply loving her! :D Here's the last two...

This example is more on the sweet/dolly side but it's still really cute! I like how she utilized purple eyeshadow.
As for coordinates, I have really improved my accessorizing but unfortunately a lot of the old neckalces I wore a few months ago are now badly tarnished and are starting to get that smell metal has after being handled repeatedly. Some of you might know what I mean. Think of how coins smell...yeah gross. So soon, I'll be venturing out to buy more necklaces since I have enough of everything else.

Girl on the left...yes!
My personal favorite coord atm!

Okay so can I just say that D.I.A. is just killling me right now? All of their stuff...literally everything I have seen of theirs pretty much makes my insides melt. The intricate and sexy belts are what really blows me away the most, but something tells me you can do a DIY on those to get a similar effect...without the DIA embellishment of course. If I see chains like these at Michaels or some other craft store, it's going down! I saw Usagii got herself some stuff of theirs on her trip to Japan recently and I was green with envy > < One day, I'll figure out how to con some Japanese civilian into getting me one!

I'm pretty sure I'm leaning towards rokku-kei as my desired look. I seem to be always going for that style each time I go out somewhere I've noticed. Not saying it will be permanent for me by any means, but it appeals the most to me as oppose to other gyaru styles atm, which is funny because I honestly had no clue which style I wanted to try a month or so ago but now I'm sure of it. When summer roles around though, I'm afraid I'll have to give it up for basic gyaru-kei but we'll see how well I can tough it out. Lisha and Sukoa, two beautiful gaijin black gals, are also a huge inspiration to me in wanting to give it a genuine shot. Their styles are sick! I'm planning on buying better lashes (no more ebay/hair beauty supply store/korean market brands) online but I'm being careful with the ones I get since they're so God damn pricey, I'd hate to get something similar to the cheap ones I already own but aren't working for me anymore. Time to amp up my gyaru look! Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!

Well, that's it for now. I have a post coming up as I said in my last one, but I've been postponing it because of school work, and other junk that's been constantly coming up. I'll try and post it by this weekend. Until next time!


  1. I love all these pictures! The make up is so pretty!
    I have to work on getting them lower lashes on correctly haha.

  2. Some great inspiration :D

  3.  I'm with you on that! What I learned recently that has helped me a ton is using tweezers. It makes the application much more precise and easier to manipulate than using your fingers, I was mad I hadn't thought of using them sooner. With practice, you'll master it! :D

  4. Hi. I have a belt (and some clothes) from them. I know of a personal shopping service that can help you get stuff from d.i.a. She's really quick, with great communication. All I did was send her pictures (from the d.i.a.) blog of what items I was looking for, she asked me about color preferences, went out and got exactly everything I wanted.

  5. Please send me a link of this lady you speak of! omg that would make me so happy! How much does she charge for shipping to the US?


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