March 2, 2012


Hey guys. Looks like I'm at it again coordinating another gal meet up xP These are so much fun, I don't see why more people don't do them as much these days like before. At least it feels like they don't happen a whole lot. Our last gal meet up was so enjoyable and I made a lot of good friends in the process. Kalicia and I are the hosts for this spring meet up and I can see it being a lot of fun since we'll be hitting up this Japanese restaurant I've never been to before in Dallas and then later go clubbing at the Lizard Lounge :D chances are, Kevin will be coming along this time! lol I'll try to convince him to dress for the occasion as well. Hopefully I will be able to get my other three guy friends to come along too. They're all pretty stylish so I know they can pull it off...what I'm afraid of for them is that this Texas heat might be merciless that day but we'll see. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

But anyway, I'm all about spreading positivity in this area of the States for the gal community. It's definitely some work, and I really don't get a whole lot out of it except for the experience of meeting people who are interested in the gyaru lifestyle, but to me it's worth it. I know that I will definitely be wearing a super girly coordinate for the meet! A floral pattern dress, paired with my cowgirl boots, and maybe a straw hat? lol I'm still thinking of all the possibilities. I want my quick weave in by then too. Hopefully I can have it ready the week of the meet. Still going to attempt to do an ombre effect to it. As for the club's coords, I'm still thinking about that one. I might not go all out since it'll be a quick change sort of deal in a bathroom but I'll definitely bring on the sexy with my make up!

There's another big announcement that I have for you all pretty soon but that will have to wait for about another week or so if everything goes well. Urgh, I'm just so excited for it you guys have no idea! Tonight I'm going out with Kevin, Vicky, and Chibuzo. Doesn't his name look Japanese? XD It's actually Nigerian believe it or not. Random fact for the day. We're all going to watch Project X and eat out at some restaurant. I love doubles with my sister and her bf ^ ^ We all get along incredibly well.

Oh and I been messing around with some new apps I downloaded on my iPhone the other day too...they are way better than Instagram! As far as their filters I mean. I'll still use my instagram though (sn: TheLovelyIfy) Check out these two...

LOL! there's even a cool gif maker by Xiamen! I fucking love that app so much there's so much you can do with it! I will show you all more as time goes on what effects it can do. Haha my sister was messing with Hachi earlier today when this song was playing from her phone. Priceless. She does that to him all the time. As for the partial deco on my camera photo...yeah I'm still working on it. I'm afraid it's gotten to a point where it's near impossible to glue the rhinestones on the surfaces of the lens with the glue I'm using but hopefully I'll figure it out and not ruin my camera in the process...even though I'm so ready for a new one.

Lastly, I think I'm going to do more DIY stuff. I was recently tempted to purchase a shit load of Japanese brand stuff since I just got paid but honestly, it makes no sense to throw away all that money when I can convert the stuff I already own into what they're trying to charge me an arm and a leg for. Maybe I'll purchase one overpriced item that I really want every so often but for the most part, I'm going to try and work with what I have for now and hit up craft stores. Anyway, if that goes anywhere, expect a few tutorials from me :) I blabbed on a lot in this post! lol I guess I had a lot on my mind. Take care for now followers!

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