May 23, 2012

☆ New toys + Instagram! ☆

So I'm just going to post whatever I feel like until I'm pretty much caught you guys up on everything that you may have missed if you don't already have me added on fb or tumblr yet. Uh so...remember that horrible situation that occured to my old laptop and camera? Well take a look at this...

And then there's this guy :)

The camera was actually given to me from a friend after witnessing my breakdown (literally I broke down!) which was incredibly thoughtful and it is a hell of a good point-and-shoot camera to just be given to me without any charge so I was and still am super thankful for that. My mom pulled through and bought me my new pink adorable af Sony Vaio XD Kevin and I went to Micro Center together to see what we could find and I was close to getting an Acer but this one had so much more going for it! Only thing is the audio for some reason isn't nearly as loud as my old laptop was. Idk if it could be just the video quality or what but it never was this low from what I remember but honestly, that is the only minor issue I have with it. The exterior design is beautiful! Someone asked me if it was a case lol when it was the laptop itself. I love it for how fast it's boot up time is. Never has any computer, new or old, started up so quickly and for this long! Usually after a while it'll slow down but since the day I bought it the speed is outstanding! Now if only I can get Verizon FIOs as our internet provider xP 

All in all, these two new bad boys were the beginning of my recovery from the tragic loss of my old babies :( I now have AVG protection on here and will never refuse to go without it ever again! And as for my camera's ever being deco'd out...yeah no. Not unless I...nvm. No lol so not worth it. Speaking of my recovery if you follow me on instagram (thelovelyify) you'd know I've been going to a few places with people, seeing interesting things, practicing my gyaru make up and over all look! Here's a snippet of some pics from my instagram and don't worry, I'll add some captions to each pic...already at 106 followers :D

Will do a brief review on these them to death so far! Almost done with the bottom lashes though :(
He put a ring on it! A promise ring that is but look at it!
Practice run for gyaru make up prior to meet
Actual gyaru make up on the day of the meet :D
Interior of babe's new Cadillac CTS ( ・ω・) le sexy~
One of the dresses he bought me the other day at Ross...I needed more maxis! This one's my fave :D Reminded me of Ageha! I wish I looked as good though.
Original outfit before trying the dresses on :o
Outfit to my friend's drag show (^-^)
Romantic subtle gyaru make up...trying new looks
Dramatic gyaru make of my faves so far! Took this after film two videos :D
New tights from ebay
Borrow maxi dress from Vicky. A lot of folk loved this look on me apparently :o

Not sure what the next post will be about but again follow me if you have an instagram by looking up thelovelyify if you haven't already. I love that it's now on the Android because I can go on it with my tablet now which is another reason to use it in class when my professor's not looking XD


  1. Nice photos! Awhhh he finally put a ring on it! You go girl :)
    You look so pretty <33!

  2. yay finally an update i love your laptop btw its so cute the main character in the anime ore no imouto has the same one haha. and omg your makeup is getting better and better

  3. Instagram is a gift from God XD I love the laptop<3 You so cutiee

  4. ......... Why.... are you so pretty?
    And WHY do you not do more make up tutorials!?

  5. Haha yes he did! Thank you doll! :D

  6. Thank you! It is my baby, I love it so much! I'm going to check out that anime just so I can go "OMG WE'RE TWINKIES!!" XD

  7. Thanks Lolo love! Instagram is uhmazing :x

  8. I will soon ^ ^ Promise! Thank you though haha!

  9. I need an iPhone or something because I want an Instagram so bad! You look gorge and I really love that white maxi dress on you. Glad your coming back to blogging :3

  10. Aww do you have a droid? I know it's on there now too so maybe you could still download it. Thank you though sis! I'm glad I'm finally back into my blogging days as well. I need to be at this point to keep myself busy. Thanks for being such a loyal reader girl <3


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