May 20, 2012

Oh great, she's back (*^3^)/~☆

I knew I couldn't stay away too long. I should probably still take a longer leave considering this summer I'm taking a minimester and a summer I & II class but I think for the most part, I have things mostly figured out with my blog and new project on Youtube. As for my main channel, I'm still unsure what that would entail really...besides AMBW videos and hair journey talk, I really don't know what else to include on it since I suck at doing DIY stuff for the most part. With time though I'll figure it out. So many things to talk about. Hmm...well first off. What do you think of the new header for my blog? I always loved the color purple and since it's summer, I ditched the darkness and went for a white and purple color scheme. May go back and change a few things here and there but I think it's fun :D

This post will mostly entail information on the soon to come posts I have for you guys. It's going to be kind of messy since these events happened so long ago so bear with me as I play catch up, yeah? I really do hope nothing stops me from updating as frequently as I did before but if it does it will only be temporarily as usual. You can never get rid of me that easily(^v^)

Soon to come posts:

  • Instagram!
  • Spring Dallas Gyaru meet 2012
  • Gets, gets, and more gets!
  • Wig reviews from Prisila
    • Personal shopping service
  • Black Gyaru Youtube Channel
  • Black Gyaru Community
    • FB Group
I'm sure I'm leaving something out but for now you get an idea of what you'll be seeing on this blog here in the next few weeks or so. Again, I can't promise how long I'll stay on top of things but I will certainly try my best! Before I go, I was definitely not expecting to observe the recent increase of my follower count :o I welcome my new readers to my blog and promise to keep up with things as much as possible to keep things interesting! This summer is full of plans so expect a lot of stuff from me if all goes well. See you all soon!


  1. It's nice to hear you are back! I'm looking forward to your posts <3
    Love your new layout ;3

  2. nikki smith5/20/12, 5:42 PM

    Welcome back girly.

  3. Yay You're back! 

  4. Yay!! So glad you are back, and this layout is super cute!! :D

  5. Thank you! I may add a picture of myself (bc I love being vain nowadays lol) if I take one that is good enough but we'll see :)


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