May 30, 2012

Spring Gyaru Meet 2012 + FOTD/OOTD☆

As some of you know, I co-hosted a spring gyaru meet in Dallas back in April and it was a lot of fun to say the least! There has already been pics of the fun filled day posted on my facebook, but I didn't post every single thing on there. We'll start off with my FOTD :)

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Lash coordinates: Top - Diamond Glamorous Eye; Bottom - Diamond Princess Eye 
Other commentary on my make up (I may sound critical of myself but I've learned a lot since then) I could've been better with the application of my falsies both top and bottom. At the time I had only practiced with those a couple of times before wearing them to the meet so that was my mistake but I now know what looks best and what doesn't with these lashes (^-^ ). Could've contoured my face and worn circle lenses but they weren't ordered yet due to lack of funds! The life of every gal xP I had some lip color ontoo but it rubbed off eventually before taking these pics...sounds like a butt load of excuses huh? Trust me, my make up has improved since then. I still have no lenses though sadly (;一_一) Here's my outfit!

I commend myself for putting this one together. The only thing I would have changed was my wig @-@ If I knew the color would have came off that yellow, I would have went with my other one instead but what are you gunna do? I still got compliments from it that day by strangers which was rather unexpected but so pleasant! I will probably see if I can dye out the yellow in it one day so it can look more like an ash blonde. Grrr...anyway, here are the pics of the outfits some of the other meet goers were wearing :)

Simone - first time gyaru meet goer. She's so tall and has the figure of a model!
Bunny - aka Kalicia's outfit was so cute, I loved her blouse!
Bree - Another first time gyaru meet goer. She looked super cute with her outfit and her wig was so pretty omg I loved it!
Emmy - She looked adorbz with her socks and shoes ^ ^ Reminded me of a coord Dakota Rose did. I may make a post about her soon actually lol
Overall, everyone looked super cute that day! There are many black gals in North Texas's kinda insane but the more, the merrier! We just shopped around the North park mall, went to grab a bite of sushi later that evening, and of course took some purikura (^_-)-☆ I'll let the pictures do the storytelling...
Elise's nails she did that morning :)
I've always been tempted to buy one of these...babe in the background lol
F21's jewlery...loud bright colors for summer :)
...I just do not know.
Then we went by this kiosk that had all of these super cute phone cases and I wanted to die because I knew I didn't have the money to buy any of them at the time but goodness they were so cute and screamed gal to me.
Bunny got the one with the bunny on who'd of thunk it?
Oh the glitz and glam of each one was almost overwhelming to my eyes! They ranged from $30 - $45 or so. I am more for silicone cases because ever since I got my iPhone, there has not been a single crack or nick on my phone because of it. But that doesn't mean I'll never buy a hard case such as these, I'd just have to be super careful.

We went to the Japanese restaurant Abe by H-Mart and I had this spicy volcano sushi roll :9

'Twas delicious to say the least! Lastly was the purikura which is always a must! lol we had fun doing these :) It didn't seem as cramped as it was last time thank goodness so we all managed to pose the best we could.

It was so much fun! I love hanging out with these girls :D Not sure when there will be our next one but we'll play it by ear. I'll try to be more prepared financially and also with my style. I want to look super good for the next time we meet up whenever that will be. My guess is maybe in late July, early August. 

This weekend I'm going to A-KON in Dallas, TX so if any of you want to meet up, lemme know by sending me a pm through my facebook :) I'm going to reveal what I'm doing tomorrow but I'm still not sure how exactly things are going to turn out DX Damn this last minute planning! See you guys soon~


  1. The wig may be a bright yellow but something about it being that shade goes PERFECT with your outfit? I dunno. I really like it with that outfit!

  2. Thank you Ivie! It looks way better in person but for some reason when I took those pics it looked super yellow. At least some people like it ^ ^

  3. Ahhh-- love your coord~~. Floral, FTW.

    And fffff---- all them goodies you saw! I am weak: I would've gone home with something, something, somehow. Haha. Your will is strong, padawan.

    Really cool: I love seeing posts about meets~.

  4. Gyaru meet ups always look fun. It's always those puri(?) pictures that set it off. It's just makes my day to see so many black gals. :') (even tho i'm not one). 

  5. Wow, you should come to the Caribbean^_^ There are some gyarus and some of your fans down here ;   you'll enjoy the island and we'll get to have an awesome meet up! **

  6. Oh no way! I gotta make that happen then :D I know a girl who is gal down there too :)

  7. Haha oh man, it was hard resisting spending money at Forever 21 but I did good thankfully haha! And I'm glad you like them! I'll do more in the future :)

  8. They are definitely enjoyable especially when everyone who goes can all relate with it :)

  9. Thank you! Wish you were there Alicia. One day!

  10. Oh man, Dallas has a Gyaru-sa?! My friend and I were thinking of arranging one since we didn't know if there was a local group. Are you guys planning on having more in the future?

  11. Oh we aren't a gyaru-sa, we're just gals who like to meet up (nago-sa is more like it but it's not official or anything). We will be having more in the future! I arrange the events through FB so if you add me on there and let me know who you are I'll be sure to shoot you an invite the next time we have one ^ ^

  12. Everyone looks so gorgeous and lovely<333 THAT FOOD NOMZZ! and the phone cases *0* they make me excited for my Samsung Galaxy Imma deco that baby~

  13. I wish I could meet up with you awesome gals! Your meets seem so fun. I live in Texas but, I don't really know any gals in my area. :)

  14.  Ahhhh, but that's still really cool! I'll go ahead and add you and shoot you a message there. Thank you so much! :D

  15.  Ahhhh, but that's still really cool! I'll go ahead and add you and shoot you a message there. Thank you so much! :D

  16. Oh I saw a glimpse of the one you're getting omg I'm jelly > < I should be getting on in to review very soon! can't wait!

  17. Aww really? If you're in North TX you're more than welcome to come join in our next meet! We don't bite, trust me!

  18. I live in Houston, but I will definitely try to meet up. Just email me or contact me on my blog. 

  19. That's so amazing!! and cute!! :D


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