June 10, 2012

Couple pix (‘∀’●)♡

Hey guys! Idk if you have seen the latest pics of me and my bf on my fb or tumblr, but if you haven't that's what this post will be showing you. Some of you may be kind of bummed because you've seen everything already and are waiting for reviews and A-KON pics but I couldn't help but share these with the people who missed it before I get into all that *ahem* or in other words, this is my way of stalling/procrastinating since those other ones take more time to make *ahem* But the next post will be more interesting and slightly  more up to date. I'll start off with some purikura we took together back in April at H-mart. It was spontaneous so I didn't go all out with my make up or hair but I still like how these turned out :)

He blew up the pictures (which I never though of doing with my pics scanned from that place before ∑(O_O;)) so now I have the first one in a picture frame on top of my drawer and I gave a few to my mom to keep :) lol she showed them to her co-workers and they all apparently went "Awww!" Haha~ I want to take more pics like this with him again when I'm more prepared though and look less plain.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned that he was going to get me a neat little gift for Valentines day but it didn't arrive on time? Well, here's what it was...

Please ignore my ratchet nails xP

A promise ring! I lost all ability to can at that point--it's so beautiful! When he gave it to me, I felt so special and it is such a lovely design, he picked out the perfect one (o⌒.⌒o) After he told me how much he spent on it and how many karrots it was after I pried it out of him, I didn't even want to wear it for the first few weeks I had it because it is so...fucking pricey O__________O but I slowly got over that and just began to wear it more often despite the cost of it because it just makes me feel special to him on a daily basis. Although, I'm not at all encouraging the notion that everyone needs to have an expensive promise ring from their significant other, but it is the thought that counts whether you choose to believe that or not.

One of our latest dates was at Kush, a Mediterranean Hookah bar in Dallas, not to be mistaken for the one in Denton which completely shits on that one. The atmosphere was relaxing and super chill. There weren't many people there since majority of their customers at these type of places come later on in the night but I enjoyed the privacy we had with each other on their outdoor patio. Their food got us hooked on Greek/Mediterranean food this past month or so too! Here was the view from where we sat...

I forget the flavor of this one xP
Me tryna look like a pro XD
Yup, we had fun and this was his first time going to a hookah place so it was pretty new to him. I loved how toward the end of the night he was starting to say how he could feel the effects of the hookah, haha so cute! He took me out to a nice Japanese restaurant called Japan House as well. I wish I took pics of the waitresses in their adorable kimonos. They looked very expensive but gorgeous nevertheless. Here's some pics of us there...
Cute yummy desserts ^ ^ Take via instagram
Loved their fish tank. Makes me want to get an aquarium all over again one day.
I cannot believe it's almost been a whole year now. 2 more months to go! I pray to God we make it and many more to come. He really makes me so happy, I wish we met each other sooner in life but better now than never right? July, hurry up! I'll end this long post with the pictures we took together after filming for another Youtube video that I'm so ever so slowly working on. Till next time!


  1. Aw, you two are so cute together! I really liked the pictures! ^^

  2. Love the purikura!
    You and your bf are so cute together >w<

  3. Aww thank you sweetheart ^ ^ I can't wait to take more with him soon :D

  4. Awe you and your bf are adorabless<3

  5. I swear, you and your bf are soo cute ^_^.  and crystal I must say that your natural permed hair is gorgeous! XD

  6. 10 months! Sheesh I can't believe it's been an entire year already. It's nice to see that you two are still going strong. I hope you guys continue on like this and I agree with Jinger, your hair is so gorge! It's so full and healthy. You're doing a great job!

  7. Aww thank you so much Jinger! I'll be getting a touch up next Tuesday and I am so pumped to do a length update post to share with everyone, it's gotten so much longer ever since this hair journey, I feel so proud!

  8. Thank you Ivie :D Honestly, I'm going to cry tears of joy when July 26th arrives like omg I will be a complete emotional mess XD I appreciate seeing your support in our relationship along with many others. Makes me feel even more touched about it haha I will really need to try to compose myself that day.

  9. OMG, you guys have to do something super memorable and cute that day. Ugh, I'm too happy for you ><

  10. Vivien Schönherr6/18/12, 4:04 AM

    ur such a great gal ^o^ so awesome:) i always love ur nails and your make up. thumbs up ♥ followed :3




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