June 18, 2012

A-KON 23: June 1-2, 2012 pt.1

The weekend of the biggest anime con I look forward to finally arrived earlier this month and I have many lots to share with you! A lot of the pics have already been posted up on my facebook but there are some that I wanted to exclusively post here on my blog. First off, never in my days of attending cons have I had so many people recognize me from Youtube, Facebook, and my other online sties (((( ;°Д°))))

It was pretty awesome! So hey to all of those who recognized me :D And my GOD it was packed so much this year like...I could not breathe no matter where we went not to talk about the fucking rave and concert .__. Yeah, I doubt I'll be putting myself through that again unless my body is absolutely taken control of my the music. And I was pretty revealing that day so that's saying something. I was close to stripping naked lol xD We went to the Dealer Room, video rooms, and the Ayabie and Oz concert, but we mostly aimlessly walked around the entire time. Had I properly reviewed the scheduled program of the panels, I would have been somewhere fun and exciting most of the time but that didn't quite happen :/

Saw these gorgeous aristocratic dresses. I'd love to do a photoshoot in these omg!

Belly dancers? Haha I thought there presence was slightly out of place but whatever.
Here's a pic of me and my sister we took before we left the bathroom.


Out on the ice skating rink. It was an experience to remember...last time I was on one of these things it was back when I was visiting my cousins in London. Such a long time ago, but I got my balance quicker than I anticipated luckily for me. I regret not having my friend take pics of me on there but I did record of it that I am planning on editing into a new video that will encompass the clips of us at A-KON 23. I'll let you all know when that's done. Here's Vicky and my friend Simone though out on the rink. Victoria did not want to do it at all.

And then there was the concerts. Ayabie opened for Oz, a more visual kei musical group. Ayabie was cute but their energy couldn't compare to Oz imo. I actually loved Oz, but I showed up to their performance in the middle because I got dehydrated/tired after standing for so long after seeing Ayabie perform. The vocalist had great skills as far as his screaming and overall vocals went. He was sweaty af but it was sexy, I was mad when he fell into a part of the audience where I was too far away from! lol~

The next day we took pics with them the next day getting lunch. They were getting some Taco Bell lol!

I'll end this post with pics of my face XP Honestly, the wig I wore was a wreck a few days prior to the day I wore it but luckily I took a risk and tried to revitalize it back to life and my techniques surprisingly worked out well after asking the ladies in the Black Gyaru of the World fb group :) Anyway, next post will show you all a few more pics and some of the stuffies I got ^ ^

for lulz~


  1. Oh gosh that looks like fun!! :DDD
    I've never been to an anime convention >_>

  2. You looked absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could attend one of these things! ='(

  3. When you posted the black outfit on Facebook, I was all over it! It's hot and you looked great it in! I need to go to A-Kon sometime in the future. It's a must for me! It looks like so much fun!

  4. Aww if you go lemme know, we'd have so much fun if you were to be there! :DAnd thank you! I put it together so last minute too.

  5. Thank you! I had fun overall :) It's worth going with a lot of friends if you ever do end up going and bring some mulah!

  6. I did especially on Saturday :)

  7. Oh you'd love it! So many things to do and you meet a lot of cool people especially when you partake in cosplay, or in my case, dressing up for the hell of it lol :D

  8. zetsu_nightmare2.0.96/19/12, 12:27 PM

    I still can't believe I missed you. I blame all the people there lol
    You look amazing as always. Until next time~

  9. Aww definitely! I will try my best to go again next year for sure :)


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