June 19, 2012

A-KON 23 part 2~

And here is the second half of my weekend at A-KON 23. Meet a lot of cool people that Saturday I went and took way more pictures on this day thanks to having Kevin around to help me take pics. I had a little bit more people taking pictures of me than they did Friday which was cool. I think the wig had a lot to do with it which I purchased from Wigland. Expect a thorough review of it soon btw. But I basically did a sweet lolita coord with my Kids YoYo dress I got for free from Milanoo last year. I just wish I had better shoes to go with it and a puffier petticoat. But aside from that, I think it turned out okay *(*´∀`*)☆ I met my friend Jazmine and talked with her and her crew for a bit down at the cafe when we took this picture together...

She looked so cute. Poor dear was losing her voice but she still made the most of it from what it seemed. Then we saw Loki lol! 
And some pictures we took with some people FINALLY unlike Friday.
I initially didn't know who the heck this guy was until my friend Kyle told me and I thought I'd take a pic anyway, he looked awesome!
It is really such a cool scene to see so many people take part in cosplaying as you can see in the picture above. Oh and as I said in the last post, I had many people recognize me like this sweetheart here.

She nearly made me cry TTATT The way she came up to me was the most ecstatic I've ever had anybody approach me irl and I was thinking, "But I'm not too much of a big deal :o" however her reaction said completely otherwise so I made sure to give her a massive hug. Thanks for coming up to me if you're reading this (don't think I ever got your name ( ;´Д`)) You looked lovely btw~

Here's some pics Kevin took with his somuchbetterthanmine camera while we were there just around the con.

Of course he had to get a close up of my side view...my hair accessories were slipping because of how fine the hair fibers are on my wig xP Blargh, whatever. I do like how my sparkly lashes turned out though :)
My cute top hat :3

We didn't go Sunday because although there were probably good deals on stuff, there wasn't a whole lot to buy from the days before and it was only half a day so we stayed home instead of commuting. The weekend was fun, just super hot and slightly unorganized. I'll have to make sure that won't be the case for Animefet when I go this year. I was going to share with you guys the goodies I got but this post is mighty long enough so I'll share that in the next post :) Hope that's okay. But I will share the last few pics of my camwhoring session and me and Kevin together in my outfit :D I thought we looked rather cute together actually. Had to camwhore it up while there of course as well as take some pics with my babe there before I changed into my rave outfit which was nothing special or worth taking any pis of, trust me.

This one was taken at my apartment before we left actually haha! It's pretty basic dolly make up. I had to really hold back with not doing any gyaru make up for this.
That about covers it! I wanna do a cosplay with my boyfriend one day. Do any of you guys have some suggestions? He's pretty open to the idea of it as far as I know and you know I am so let me know what you think of that. I know I'd have fun doing his make up! :D


  1. zetsu_nightmare2.0.96/19/12, 6:49 PM

    Good pictures and everything. If I can think of any suggests for you and Kevin, I'll send them your way. I want to crossplay with a guy one day. Anyway, I feel a little better about my A-Kon post being late.

  2. Ahhhh, your sweet lolita outfit is soo cute! especially the top hat and I love that side view picture. Pretty! Glad you fun :)

  3. Thank you :D I wish I had Angelic Pretty or something but this was fun doing lolita with what I had regardless.

  4. I'd really appreciate it, thanks! Yeah dude, I was going to postpone it even longer but I forced myself to get it done this week and some how I managed to do so lol so happy!


    You look really cute and pretty~~

  6. I love that Lolita outfit!  Its soo sweet and innocent! I bet you got away with tons of stuff! ^_^  LOL at Team Rocket in that photo btw!


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