July 25, 2012

Final Fantasy concert & an evening at the carnival!

I am really shocked I am getting around to this posting with all the shit I have going on right now. I wanted to make a post before my 1 year with my boyfriend tomorrow but ugh, I just been so busy so I scheduled the posting to be for today instead. Anyway, a few weeks back for those who follow me on facebook you'd know that I spontaneously was invited to go to the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy orchestra concert they were having here in Dallas with two of my friends :D I was uber excited when I got the text asking if I could do...uhm, yeah! I 'd be crazy not to! Final Fantasy X and X-2 were the games that led me into loving Square Enix prior to Kingdom Hearts and the soundtrack is so reminiscent of middle school and my freshmen year of high school playing it trhoughout that time. I kept leaving it off to finish so it took me a while to complete both games. I remember going to that theater years back when I was still in elementary school. Don't remember now what we went to go see on that field trip but I doubt it was nearly as awesome as this performance was! Here's some pics of my outfit that I wore that day~
Thought my nose contouring looked pretty legit here for once!
So beautiful! 

My friend Jazmin who I did not realize was even going until I found out through another friend of mine that I met up with after the show had friends there that were dressed up in cosplay which I thought was very cute! Sorry for the bad lighting. I really love the moogle and Fran! It was overall a great performance. I loved the lady, Susan something or other idr, who sung one of my absolute favorites from FFX Suteki Da Ne OwO She did it with such grace! Loved it to bits and I'm very happy I went!

Another fun event I failed to catch you up on was the night Kevin and I had at this mini carnival near my place. I haven't gone to a carnival since the State Fair last year so this was damn well enjoyable! At first when we got there, hardly anyone was there but it was later when more people, specifically couples, starting coming in. One couple about my age sort of hung around us which was cool...that is until I found out she was inappropriately touching Kevin XO Bitch wanted her face smashed in, she's so lucky I didn't find out till later. Fake sweet girls should never be around your bfs just fyi. Nevertheless, we decided to go on a few rides, some with them but most with just him and I. This time when we went on the ferris wheel it was just the two of us since it was only a two seater which I was happy about. Here's some pics.

We only tried the sliced candied apple because everything made me feel nauseous simply looking at it and the thickness of its scent in the air. I cannot wait till tomorrow though! He and I have been together for an entire year now! I've never lasted with anyone for this long and it feels so indescribably fantastic. I have a sweet present I'm working on giving him soon too that I know he's going to love as well as you guys :) So far, it's coming along great! Sorry for the delay however in posts. I have 2 more hardcore weeks of this class and then I'm done-zo with all my summer classes. Then it's easy-peasy fall semester and I graduate with my AA then transfer to UTD :D So pumped! I gotta stay focused however so just root for me so that I don't kill over in the midst of all of this. I have a lot to still share with you all! Till then~


  1. nikki smith7/25/12, 7:54 PM

    Wow! This all looks lovely

  2. Wow it all looks so amazing!! * . * Really wish I could've gone to the concert too, especially.... XD OTL You and your boyfriend (I think?) are really cute btw ^^

  3. I love your necklace :)

    Hehee the Moogle is so cute~~ KUPO.

  4. You look absolutely lovely! Ah man, I bet the music was probably just beautiful. 

    I miss going to carnivals! I haven't been to one for over a year~ The smell of the food always just makes me want to throw up though. It's just too greasy and fatty and ewwww, but the Zipper and the ferris wheel are two of my favourites :D

    And congrats on one year! You go girl~ And woooooooow that bitch! Touching your man >.<

  5. That dress is amazing on you! And your hair. So gorgeous!

    Omg ha I woulda wanted to deck her too.

    Looks like so much fun! Hey the zipper! That's my favorite ride ^o^

  6. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"7/26/12, 7:56 AM

    I can't go to any FF or Castlevania  concert I don't want to cry haha, and feel things

  7. Yes you do because this was so totally worth it, trust me on that! Do it Philicia! Cave in to the things you may potentially feel >:)

  8. Haha yeah she was so sweet looking too at first. Looks are so deceiving. The zipper was our first ride actually and it made both of us nauseous because they made the ride go on forever!

  9. Haha ikr! She had her boyfriend with her too so I was like wth? Go away D:< But yeah I'm with you on the whole smell of carnival foods thing. It makes my head spin a lot of the time. Still, it can be a fun experience! Thank you!

  10. Ruthy Saiang7/26/12, 12:28 PM

    I love to go to carnivals but i never eat there 
    Oh and i like the dress you look so pretty in it :)

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  12. Seems so cool to go to a concert like that. Your dress is so cute! And your nose contouring has improved !
    Im glad you had fun at the carnival!

  13. Thanks! :D I really enjoyed myself like none other! Such a fun summer hang out.

  14. Thank you! It was a little big on me but luckily I didn't flash anybody so haha it's all gravy!


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