July 4, 2012

Hair update: REACHED FULL BSL :D

*BSL: Bra Strap Length

You guys have no idea how happy I was when I saw the length of my hair after I got my touch up from doing a 3 month stretch. I was so happy! I mean before it was obvious but now it's kind of looking more and more likely that I will be getting to my hair goal by the end of the year which is MBL (mid back length) and that makes me feel so excited like you would not even believe! I started my hair journey back in the summer of 2010 but got more serious and dedicated to it around the summer of 2011 so now my hard work is finally paying off! 

No bra/shirt to show the true length. Took this on the day I came back from my hairdresser.
Side view
I am so shocked at how far my hair has come. I need to do a regimen for everybody but at the same time, it's going to be a bit...vague? Just because what I do to my hair consists of totally dependency on what my hair is telling me at that moment. For example, I do moisturizing treatments if my hair shows signs of being dry, and that's normally never at a consistent time interval to say I do it 2x a month or anything. Some months it will be less or more, it all depends on what I observe from the condition of my hair, same with doing protein treatments and whatnot. But if you guys want to know what I use on my hair and when (you'd be surprised, there's really not anything too special), do leave a comment letting me know.  I did have to detangle the mess out of my hair a few times and look at what it looked like afterward...
 XD I love showing the before and after pics although it's not necessarily in that order, you guys can see the huge difference! Oh, one more thing. I don't think I ever mentioned this but my overall idea of gaining the perfect desired length is so that I don't have to continue spending my money getting sew-ins. I feel like I'm almost at that point where the people who do sew-ins for me are either going to start charging me more because of my hair thickness/length or just keep going wtf at the idea of me even coming to them so they can put some more hair in -___- I do it as a protective style and it's by far the most effective tactic for me in my hair journey so whatever lol but until then I'll have to stick with them. I'm thinking after two more installments, I should be done with them. I have an appointment coming up soon on the 18th or so of this month right before my 1 year anniversary but I plan on ombreing my tips and maybe adding some funky color to it like this pic I found on tumblr last night...

Gorgeous right? And the thing is, with this style, I was worried because the weave my mom reluctantly gave me since she was no longer using it is a color 1 which is black for those who don't know the color chart, so I thought maybe it would look contrast too much and look funny but this girl here pulls it off rather well if you ask me and I think with the right hair dye I can do but fucking hell, I wish I knew the type of dye to use to get that shade of lavender...or liliac. It's so pretty *0* but anywho, that's my idea that will hopefully come in to play when I get it done. I'll be doing a Chemistry course starting Monday of next week so I hope it doesn't stop me from blogging as much. We will see. I still have many things to share with you guys such as the wig review, deco phone review (should be coming out by Friday though as well as new videos) and more. But yeah that's about it for this post. Happy 4th of July everybody! They already started doing fireworks last night so I took a pic from my bedroom window...I'm really going to miss seeing fireworks from this view when we move this Sunday. But hey, at least I'll have my own room! I'll post pics of that too if I can.

I'll leave you lastly with on of my most recent videos on my channel about the AMBW couple interview. I think many of you will enjoy it :) Please comment, give a thumbs up, and don't forget to subscribe! Bye lovelies!~


  1. Hair regimen please! :)

  2. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"7/4/12, 7:20 PM

    of course I like the crazy hair the most haha <3
    Congrats and good luck for more dead cells on top of your head XD

  3. SHARE YO SECRETS<3 Your hair looks so fab and healthy!

  4. It looks nice and healthy :D

    I hope your reach your hair goal~~

  5. EricaHerrington7/5/12, 7:40 PM

    Whoo! Congrats girlie there's nothing better than reaching a goal!! 

  6. vendycolangelo@hotmail.it zule7/6/12, 2:18 AM

    hello I'm Vendy, and I am your new follower.
    what do you think to follow each other?
    I adore your blog but in especially I adore your voluminous hair ^_^

  7. Just Jinger7/6/12, 9:31 PM

    Your hair is ssoooo gorgeous!  No doubt you'll reach your goal ^_^.

  8. Your hair is so nice and full! I love that you take such good care of it and I can't wait to see the ombre~!

  9. jamie harris7/9/12, 8:37 AM

    Pleeeease tell me what you do to your hair at night. I can't seem to keep anything on my head while I sleep.


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