August 23, 2012

Early bday gifts, FOTD + friend's bday celebration!

Hey guys! As I mentioned in my previous post, my 20th bday will be this Saturday and so far, I've already had some early bday gifts from my bf and sister (o⌒.⌒o) They both took me out on a shopping spree! Such sweethearts! Here's a FOTD for you guys when me and Kevin went to go shop for my gifts
Later that day went to his friend Nikki's birthday celebration and had so much fun! I wasn't expecting to meet so many new kind people (even the co-owner of Cosplay N Charm!) and it was nice seeing her have mutual friends with me too :) A part of me wished I lived closer to their area so I could hang out with all of them more. Aside from that, we ate at a Chinese restaurant that had massive tables so my guess was that it was intended specifically for parties or events. The waitresses were hi-LARIOUS! I don't think it was intentional but this one bigger woman had so much presence and authority in particular but with such a thick Chinese accent. At least I think it was Chinese, but she was kind to me and my boyfriend. She and him kept speaking to each other in Cantonese over the table which I thought was cute more than obnoxious. My friend Ryan said she reminded him of his grandma and she reminded Kevin of an aunt XD I totally could see that though. But speaking of Cantonese, I keep begging Kevin to teach me some so I can impress his parents...even if it's just a little. So far I only know a few phrases but not nearly enough to hold a conversation :x Grr, one day man. I wanna be able to speak fluently in at least ONE language other than English in my lifetime. But I digress. This is what Nikki looked like with her bf by her side. They're such a lovely couple 
Can't resist pretty chandeliers.
Right: Red bubble tea; Left: Green bubble tea.
And here are the gifts that Kevin bought for me at one of my new favorite stores called Upscale :) Not sure about the other locations of this store unfortunately for any who may ask but I do know it is own by Koreans and has a lot of Korean inspired clothing. Definitely my cup of tea!
Feels so warm and cozy, can't wait to wear it in the fall/winter time!
ALWAYS wanted to have a shirt like this omg!!
Everyone so far loved this shirt on me that I took a pic of. I'll share it in another post though :)

That last one looks simple, but trust me when I say it looks cute af when worn! I absolutely love it to bits! My mom took a look at it and said that it reminded her of how she used to dress during her college days back in London :) Lastly, here are some of the presents my lovely sister Victoria bought me.'s so weird calling her Victoria. I like calling her Dobi XD Short for her Nigerian name Adaobi. So for future reference you guys will know who I'm talking about.
 I so desperately needed wall decorations since we moved into a new apartment in my room so we went to Target and found this Hello Kitty poster and some cute mirror decals and I cannot wait to get started on doing some DIY hime style deco on my mirrors in my room so that it can be complete! People have already been commenting on how hime my room already looks and it's not even done yet! When I am done, I will be sure to do a room tour for you guys :D It'll be grand 
 (*´・v・) Dobi and I are going to go shopping today for the shoes I'm going to wear on my birthday and she wanted to grab a few things at the mall too. I will try and push out another post tomorrow just showing you guys my recent gal make up and latest outfits I am quite proud of so stay tuned for that.

Lastly, if you don't break a smile no matter how depressed you may be feeling at all, then there may really be no hope for you...hehe jkjk but this is such a cute vid!


  1. The gets are so cute! Thats sweet of your boyfriend and sister(・∀・)  Since I can't tell you happy birthday this Saturday (I'll be in Cincinatti) Happy early Birthday!

  2. Hope you had a fun time! ♥
    And I love your eye makeup!

  3. Aww thank you Lolo dear you're so kind! :D

  4. Thank you! I did really enjoy myself :)


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