August 24, 2012

My gyaru prorgress, outfits, make, & direction

I know a lot of you who follow my blog are also practing gyaru and I hope many of you are doing your best in improving your looks as it is, imo, the most exciting part of being a gal. Learning new ways to do your make up, coordinate your outfits, shop for items appropriate for your style and so on. It's the reason why I say interested in this style. It's a never ending process for everybody :) I feel like this year I've made more progress than I did last year since last year I didn't exactly try hard enough to show dramatic differences but it's better now than never right? I still need to invest more time in my look of course but I just wanted this post to show you all my latest looks and successful make up attempts.

Starting from the beginning of this month actually it's been like constant improvement after another. These pics btw are all uploaded from my phone so haven't been edited much if at all...okay here we go ^ ^
August 10th
This was right after I made my very first u-part wig using some weave I had in my stash and I ombred the ends. What do you all think? I need to make a post on how I did this and don't worry I will soon and a video. I'm thinking of dying the tips purple. What do you guys think? I really want to. Anyway, I really played this look safe because of the lack of time I gave myself, but I don't so much the next day...
August 11th
Here you can kind of tell that I'm diggin the heavier style eye make up even if I'm wearing a sweet dress XD It just suits my personality better in my opinion but here I still held back on the liner and glitter. Just had heavy top and bottom lashes and starting feeling bolder by rocking those pale pink lips again. I think I know how to make it look less ashy now and more pouty :)

August 16th
Kuro gal all up in yo face this time! lol I took this in the midst of me filming my recent video on my gyaru wigs. I was genuinely pleased with how this make up and overall look turned out. I used gold glitter liner my friend bought for me from Sephora a while back and it really made my eyes pop like none other! It was from this point that I decided kuro gal make up was my go to style. I don't see myself completely neglecting other ways of doing eye make up, but this flatters me the best as far as what I have attempted to do.

Need I say this is the best nose contour I have done yet? XD I've struggled so much with contouring. Damn it, it was the hardest thing for me to figure out in all honesty. I finally know the right colors to use and products to get this look right each time, every time. I need to do a tutorial on how I do this for you guys too lol it is easier than I think most of you think. Or at least, I certainly was making it harder than it should have been on myself when I first started practicing. But contouring your nose does WONDERS to your entire face. I cannot go back to not contouring anymore.

August 17th
My face looked so blah so I just took a pic of my outfit instead ^ w ^ So many people liked this pic on my fb :o Here I'm wearing that new shirt I blogged about yesterday that my baby got me as a bday gift. It is so cute! The heart eyes and mouth :3 Luckily I got to wear some tights yesterday because the weather wasn't scorching for once.

But that's really about it for this post. I encourage many of you to do the same if you are on a gyaru journey :) It is fun to see where you're at and how far you've come. Also, give yourself some love and be proud of the things you've accomplished thus far. People have torn me apart about me being gyaru but Imostly get love from not just others but more importantly myself. Love yourself and the fact that you are being badass enough to take on a style that requires such boldness in character. As a matter of fact, stop and pat yourself on the back. Yes, YOU! Stop reading at this very moment and do it. Pat that fucking back of yours damn it! Whether you're doing gal or not, you deserve it for being so awesome you sexy devil! Haha okay now that we got that out of the way, I just wanted to spread more positivity on this blog to you guys. Some of my followers on tumblr know that I got a little hate from stupid anons recently but I suppose I asked for it in a way? lol anons are anons for a reason so they would be quick to speak whatever foolishness runs through their near non-existent minds. So that is why I made this post. If you've never felt recognized in the gal comm and wish to, just know that there are many more people who look up to you for being gal and countless other things that are honestly more significant in the end. I had to tell myself that after that whole little mishap and after reading so many sweet messages, it helped reinforce that for me so thanks to those who support what I do. I couldn't ask for better followers :)

Anywho, tomorrow I will be 20 years old. I've actually stopped feeling so bittersweet about it and have accepted that I am getting older. It's a part of life and I am fortunate enough to be alive to experience so many years of my life so I'm going to live it up the weekend before fall semester starts with all my pals! Expect a new pic on instagram of my outfit! It will look sexy!

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  1. In those nose contour!! you were stunning! Wow! keep it up girl! ^_^


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